Jobstreet by Seek launches AI-powered platform to transform Singapore’s job and talent search journey

  • Program set to complete by early 2024
  • Provide improved job matches, deeper insights for jobseekers, employers

Jobstreet by Seek launches AI-powered platform to transform Singapore’s job and talent search journey

Jobstreet by Seek has announced the transformation of its employment platform, redefining the way talent and employers connect with AI.

In a statement, the career and talent partner in Singapore stated that its new platform uses its parent company Seek’s AI technology to offer better job matches, new experiences, and deeper insights for both Singaporean jobseekers and employers.

The transformation of the Jobstreet platform stems from Seek’s US$117.8 million (RM550 million) investment over the last three years to unify its three online employment marketplaces in APAC, namely Seek (in Australia and New Zealand), Jobstreet (in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia), and JobsDB (in Hong Kong and Thailand).

This transformation enables the company to accelerate growth and unlock a larger opportunity across the APAC region. At the programme’s completion by early 2024, Singaporean jobseekers and employers will have access to more job opportunities and a larger talent pool across Seek’s entire APAC region, it added.

Chew Siew Mee (pic), managing direJobstreet by Seek launches AI-powered platform to transform Singapore’s job and talent search journeyctor, Jobstreet by Seek (Singapore), said this update for Jobstreet by Seek is aimed at enhancing support for the job and talent search process in Singapore. “We are excited to facilitate seamless connections between jobseekers and employers, anticipating the opportunity to match them based on specific skills, job roles, and career aspirations effortlessly. This is particularly crucial given the highly dynamic employment landscape,” she added. 

“The integration of Seek’s cutting-edge AI technology is set to improve intuitive matching and elevate the Jobstreet platform, playing a pivotal role in achieving this goal." Chew said, adding that as Singapore strives towards becoming a digital nation, Jobstreet by Seek remains committed to supporting the evolving needs of the workforce. This transformation serves as a testament to our continual efforts to stay at the forefront of industry advancements.”

New features and capabilities for better job and talent recommendations

The new Jobstreet by Seek platform employs AI models to assess talent suitability, shortlist applications, and provide personalised recommendations by processing data from various sources, including the talent’s resumes, the job ad descriptions, and the employer’s past behaviours. With that, talent will now see a ‘Top Applicant Badge’ if they are a strong applicant for the position, which increases the chance of them applying for the role, and ultimately creating better matches as their experience and skills align with the job requirements. 

This also benefits employers who would receive a more qualified and relevant list of applications for the job vacancies that they publish.

To make the talent-hunting process more efficient for employers, they can also choose to include AI-recommended screening questions for their job posts, as part of the job application process. This way, the most suitable talent can be easily identified based on their responses to the questions.

The AI-powered platform also introduces a new feature – the predictive approachability signal, to assist in matching talent with potential employers more effectively. By using predictive technology, Jobstreet by Seek can anticipate talent that may be approachable to discuss a new job opportunity, even before the vacancy has been advertised. 

Whether or not a talent is marked as approachable to employers depends on a range of factors, some of which include how active the talent is on Jobstreet by Seek and what information they have in their profile. This feature is particularly helpful for employers who want to headhunt for the right person to fill their role.

Besides that, Singaporean jobseekers can now decide on their profile visibility on the new platform, signaling to employers that they are open to job opportunities even if they are not actively applying for jobs. This makes it easier for employers to proactively contact talent with opportunities, if applicable.

Additionally, Jobstreet by Seek provides Singaporean talent with insightful, data-backed career advice and salary information on the platform. This helps them to navigate conversations around wages by knowing their salary ranges, or make informed decisions about their careers.

Continuous investment in AI technology

The new platform will help link talent with the right job opportunities, increasing the chances of landing the right job. Jobstreet now draws on its parent company Seek’s over 25 years of APAC-wide data, optimising it for Singapore, based on local insights drawn on over two decades of operation in the market. This, according to the firm, is driven by Seek’s data and AI team of over 200 people, who are completely focused on the APAC region.

“At Seek, we are committed to leveraging data and technology to provide effective, efficient and fair recruitment solutions for talent and employers. We have been investing heavily in data and AI for over a decade with strong results and will continue to do so as we aspire to make our products more effortless, personalised and trusted for our customers,” said Grant Wright, general manager of Marketplace and AI Products at Seek. 

To experience the new Jobstreet by Seek platform, visit or download the app on Google Play Store or the App Store.


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