Author: Hardesh Singh

For 30% Club, next target is 50% by 2030. Will we get there?
The 30% Club Malaysia announced that it had achieved a milestone on the 1st of June when the Securities Commission released data showing that women held 30.6% of board seats of the top 100 PLCs in Malaysia.
The changing demands on accounting professionals in the age of AI and Sustainability
In an age marked by escalating environmental concerns and a heightened emphasis on corporate social responsibility, the realm of accounting is undergoing a profound paradigm shift.
APAC is struggling to upskill its workforce. Can online platforms like Coursera plug that gap?
86 million workers in the region need upskilling Malaysians are motivated by government subsidies for green skilling 
Malaysia is among the top 5 Volvo markets for EV adoption
Volvo Cars has set a bold electrification target and is aiming for pure electric cars to make up 50% of its sales by 2025, and to achieve 100% pure electric vehicles by 2030.
Dear HNWIs, your next vehicle should be fully electric
Doubts about range, batteries and environmental cost are greatly exaggerated Cheapest EVs come with a range of 380km, while battery prices keep falling
Is there an opportunity for Malaysia in carbon capture?
  46 trillion cubic feet of potential carbon storage capacity identified Tax incentives were announced in Budget 2023 to spur activity  
Environmental Protection Expenditure report shows that Malaysia is alarmingly missing the forest for the trees
Loss of tree cover 2010-2021 has cost nation 4.99Gt of CO2 emissions Carbon estimate from 2019 puts US$250bil price just to offset same amount
Global ESG Monitor: FBMKLCI companies lack depth and detail in ESG reporting
Malaysian index ranked joint fifth alongside Dow Jones among 10 indices surveyed​ TNB and Press Metal Aluminium place joint-first amongt 30 companies surveyed
Malaysia Budget 2023 – Missing the forest for the trees when it comes to sustainability
RM2bil for SMEs to implement low-carbon practices Chief greenhouse gas culprit - energy sector gets a pass
City of Blinding Lights
Sustainability aspirations and implementation are often detached Big Tree should act ASAP, proof of driver hazard provided for mgmt
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