Amidst the Great Resignation, is HR Tech a panacea?

  • Minimising drudgery of HR work via automation fosters positive experiences
  • Seamless, user-friendly HR experience, a must to attract & retain the best

HR Tech

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly led to a new group of terms added to management lexicon – Hybrid Work, WFH, Zoom Fatigue, Quiet Quitting and The Great Resignation among them.

At a time of labour shortages, be it white collar or blue, The Great Resignation is a particularly sharp pain point that companies wish to avoid or minimize as much as possible.

Can digital tools, especially the suite of tools that fall under the umbrella of HR Tech offer a panacea? Well, that would be idealistic but HR Tech has certainly demonstrated its value to the core idea behind human resource management, i.e. to manage employees in a way that is most effective in bringing out their full potential while boosting the company’s competitiveness. This can come via various forms, for instance, through building up workers’ skills and motivation, setting an appropriate level of employee benefits for them, and more.

Even taking care of basic functions can make a difference. A representative from The Access Group, a leading provider of business management software to UK, Ireland, and Asia Pacific mid-market organisations, highlights how features such as payroll software, which automate processes efficiently and accurately can boost organizational efficiency and productivity.

“Minimising the manual drudgery of HR work through automated processes helps with fostering positive employee experiences and create digitally driven environments, as well as also empower business owners to focus on other important aspects of their business, and push for more initiatives in their digital transformation journey."

The future of HR is already here: More than just management

A study published in the International Journal of Business and Management found that employee engagement is closely linked with organisational performance.

That is why digital HR tools of today aim to bring more than production efficiency. Great HR software focuses on integrating employees as a part of the company’s DNA – fostering a culture that inspires talented workers to stay connected, motivated and loyal throughout their tenure at the company.

A spokesperson for JustLogin, a Singapore-based HR software company that emphasises an employee-first approach on its platform, says, “With the ever-growing demand for a limited supply of top talent, employees can now have their pick from more job opportunities than before.”

This puts pressure on companies to up their game. “Businesses will need to address the needs and wants of their potential employees, from remuneration and benefits down to a seamless and user-friendly HR experience, in order to attract the best. By taking an employee-first approach, companies are well-placed to not only acquire, but retain talent over time.”

Keep your employees engaged and connected

Workers need to feel connected to their company and job scope and find their day-to-day work both meaningful and valuable.

This may seem like a tall order, but it is a new reality of the Gen Z workforce, especially.

Having worked closely with Malaysian businesses over the years, Head of Digi-X, Lee Kathryn elaborates how Digi's super app, altHR, was designed to drive better employee empowerment and engagement by allowing them to define their work experiences and assimilate themselves into the company culture.

"Using Check-Ins, one of altHR’s many features, employers are able to observe employee productivity, track engagement, happiness, physical health state, and even mental well-being trends through regular pulse surveys. These features can be used to help companies boost both employee engagement and satisfaction as they can keep up with the progress of their teammates easily whether they work remotely or on-site.”

Lee adds that if directors and management make up the brains behind a company’s operations, then it is your talented and devoted employees that encompass the beating heart of your business. “That’s why it is essential for any organisation looking to carve out their place in today’s economy to keep their personnel engaged, motivated, and constantly striving to do better.”




A full-service HR super app launched in 2019 by Digi-X, the venture builder arm of Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd.

Suitable for companies of all sizes in managing core HR functions.

Boost employee empowerment and engagement while managing remote work and productivity better with Digital Workspace modules.

Go beyond the basics of HR by boosting employee engagement - while empowering the digital workforce with altHR's comprehensive suite of features.

Take advantage of more than 20 modules and features:

  • Core HR, Employee Engagement, Digital Workspace, and Perks & Benefits modules.
  • altHR Library – a vast repository of self-help resources, including altHR Academy, altHR Knowledge Base, altHR Masterclass Series, and altHR Introduction.
  • altHR blog — known as altHR Resources


Award-winning, cloud-based HR software for payroll, leave, attendance, expense management,

Aims to provide the best employee experience for small to mid-sized businesses.

Established in Singapore with over 20 years of experience, has helped more than 2,500 customers focus time and effort into making bigger business decisions instead of being buried in heaps of administrative paperwork.

Making changes to payroll processes that normally take one week to process and now only take less than an hour. Always up-to-date with contribution rates and other policy changes made by the Malaysian government.

Access Group HR & Payroll Solution
Access Group HR & Payroll Solution

Access Group HR & Payroll Solution

Award winning HR & Payroll solutions which help business leaders to engage, onboard employees, enable and develop a highly performing workforce

Asia’s easy to use, fully compliant payroll solution, helping local businesses deliver accurate and compliant payroll for over 30 years

Develops professional growth via digital learning, reward and recognise outstanding achievements

An all-in-one HRMS platform delivered via Access Workspace, an intuitive interface with single sign-on and Multi Factor Authentication

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