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TM, Tata Communications collaborate on IP transit services
TM and Tata Communications have joined forces to offer stable, high-speed and reliable connectivity in the Asean region and open access to global enterprises.
MyIX sees over 1200% growth in internet traffic within five years
The average monthly highest peak point for data traversed per second within the MyIX exchange was 222.3Gbps, as compared to 16.4Gbps previously.
In boost to peering, Malaysia’s MyIX to increase international partners
In boost to its ambitions to develop a world class internet ecosystem in Malaysia, MyIX will invite more international peering partners to join it.
ST Telemedia Global Data Centres Readies for its next growth phase in Singapore
ST Telemedia Global Data Centres announces the addition of three colocation facilities (named STT Tai Seng) in Singapore
Study urges service providers to join forces to address enterprises’ IT requirements
A global study commissioned by Tata Communications reveals that the solutions that network service providers offer don’t always meet the expectations of enterprises, who rank security (52%), cloud (43%) and mobility (32%) as their top technology priorities.
How to ensure you have a data-secured environment
Vishak Raman of Tata Communications on the major trends affecting organisations’ information security plans, and the best practices to securing your environment.
Making the world ready for the IoT
With so many devices being added to the IoT ecosystem, there is a need for a layered architectural approach, writes David Eden of Tata Communications.
How technology is changing the sports fan experience
What’s interesting is that technology is spurring on many of the changes we’re seeing in sports today, writes Mehul Kapadia of Tata Communications.
E-commerce to ignite APAC cloud growth
The savvy Asian consumer knows that the best e-commerce platforms are friction-free and easy to use, and cloud computing providers are taking note, writes Conor Carroll of Tata Communications.  
Why the world isn’t ready for the IoT
The IoT is meaningless with interoperability, and that’s not happening because while technologists and creative minds got excited about IoT, there has been no collective consideration of what the user wants and needs, writes David Eden of Tata Communications.
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