Solving games monetisation challenges in SEA, India

  • Monetisation difficult because of weak payment infrastructure, low credit card use
  • Partnership combines Bee7’s monetisation platform with Vserv’s monetisation solution
Solving games monetisation challenges in SEA, India

ANDROID games monetisation and user engagement platform Bee7 has agreed to a partnership with Vserv to help solve mobile games monetisation in the South-East Asian and Indian markets.
Bee7 started as the inhouse solution of Outfit7, the company behind the Talking Tom app, while Vserv is smart data platform for mobile marketing.
Until now, monetisation in India and South-East Asia has been notoriously difficult due to weak payment infrastructure and low credit card usage, which makes paying for games or in-app purchases practically impossible, Vserv said in a statement.
The partnership creates a genuine avenue for developers across the globe to monetise their titles in these markets without disrupting the user experience, or charging for games and in-app bonuses, it added.
It combines Bee7’s game wall tool (pic above) and Vserv’s app monetisation solution Vmax, enabling developers to pull in demand from multiple channels using one single solution.
This, combined with Vserv’s large developer ecosystem of 150,000 apps and mobile sites from publishers such as Disney, EA, Games2Win, Reliance Games, ZeptoLab etc., gives developers a tool to increase user retention and yield optimisation in a fragmented Android-dominated market, Vserv said.
Through this partnership, Bee7 and Vserv have unlocked a lucrative new market for developers. Mobile games revenue in South-East Asia exceeded US$1.1 billion last year, Vserv said.
“Developers look to emerging markets as a new revenue opportunity to help make their games profitable,” said Bee7 managing director John Rankin.
“It’s been incredibly tough for developers to make money in these markets, until now.
“The Bee7 and Vserv partnership unlocks these markets for developers – arming them with a proven method to make money from games and improve player retention without disrupting the all-important user experience,” he added.
Vserv and Bee7 will host events together to help grow the mobile games ecosystem and to share their knowledge of emerging markets, advertising tech, user acquisition, retention and monetisation with developers.
“Vserv’s latest offering, Vmax, is a trusted friend to game developers as it helps them maximise their yield,” said Prashant Dixit, vice president of Global Data & Supply Partnerships at Vserv.
“Vmax enables these incredible results by providing developers complete control, maximum demand channels, and a wide range of ad formats,” he added.
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