Majority of Malaysians want to improve work-life balance

  • Some 94% want more flexibility in jobs, careers
  • Working from home has changed Malaysian's perspectives

Majority of Malaysians want to improve work-life balanceRandstad has released the results of its second half 2021 Workmonitor bi-annual survey in Malaysia, which highlights the workforce’s latest sentiments and perceptions of the local job market.

In a statement, the human resource solutions agency said its survey revealed that 88% of Malaysia respondents indicated that the pandemic has empowered them to improve their work-life balance.

After working from home for most of the pandemic, employees in Malaysia may have gained a different perspective on work, the report highlighted. 

It also showed that over the past 18 months, more than three in five Malaysian respondents have reassessed how work fits into their personal schedules by a considerable amount or more. 

Two in three respondents said that they are experiencing higher stress levels since the pandemic began and want to make changes to their work life.

Fahad Naeem, head of operations at Randstad Malaysia, said working from home and Covid-19 restrictions have deprived many employees from participating in social activities that allow them to unwind after work. 

“Many turned to working extra hours to fill their time at home as well, compromising their well-being and mental health in the process.

“Companies should continue to offer support to their staff, even after they return to the office this year, and constantly remind employees to take breaks and manage their workload to avoid burnouts,” said Naeem.

The report highlighted that 94% of respondents said that the experiences of the pandemic have made them want more flexibility in their jobs and careers. 

It has also led many Malaysians to reconsider their life priorities and career goals with more than four in five respondents saying that they have more clarity on both their personal and professional goals since the start of the pandemic.

Additionally, career priorities have also changed, with many highly valuing a working environment that promotes employee wellbeing and flexibility, the reported noted.

The survey data indicated that 64% of respondents want a safe work environment, 52% want the opportunity to do meaningful work and 49% want job flexibility to accommodate commitments outside of work.

“People are re-evaluating their career decisions in their pursuit of their professional and personal development as well as to understand their role in the changing world of work.

“For example, contracting job opportunities are becoming more attractive as employees get the chance to work in different environments and develop their skills quickly.

“Contract roles also offer a higher level of flexibility where they can negotiate their working hours or take breaks between their contracting stints to rest,” he said.

Naeem said the Randstad talent team in Malaysia supports people who are looking for flexibility in their careers, especially working parents, career switchers or people who just need to take a break from the pandemic without having to pause their career or lose their income security.

The Randstad 2H 2021 Workmonitor survey was conducted in September 2021 across 34 markets around the world with a minimum of 800 respondents in each market. 


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