Week in Review: Legalising Uber and Grab the easy part, what of Airbnb?
Uber and Grab will be legal services in Malaysia but that’s just the easy part. What about Airbnb, wonders Karamjit Singh.
Week in Review: Singapore welcomes a new telco
Singaporean consumers no doubt are rejoicing at the entry of a new mobile player, and while Ensogo goes in search of profitability, DNA gives you two bites of that story for you to taste.
Indonesia tweaks smartphone law, some say it’s even worse
The Indonesian Government has tweaked its ‘local component’ regulations, but detractors say this only punishes those companies which had proactively moved to comply, while creating loopholes that can be abused by the rest.
Indonesia: Grab and Uber have 6mths to comply, or get out
Indonesia’s Transportation Ministry has come up with a new ministerial decree that defines ride-sharing services as transportation providers, requiring them to comply with the public transportation licensing regime within six months or be declared illegal.
It’s not just security, it’s defence: BAE Systems
As Malaysia moves toward becoming a digital economy, there are two main challenges that may stymie the nation’s aspiration: The regulatory burden and a low awareness of cybersecurity.
Singapore forms two new IT bodies, IDA and MDA merged
Singapore is creating two new statutory bodies that will oversee IT-related issues in the country, by merging the IDA and MDA.  
Burnt by Jakarta authorities, Uber moves to legalise itself
Having seen cars operated by its drivers seized by Jakarta’s transport authority, ride-sharing startup Uber Technologies Inc is taking steps to legalise its operations in Indonesia, while saying that it has been having difficulty trying to engage with said authority.
Jakarta bentuk Satgas khusus untuk awasi Uber … dan GrabCar
Sebanyak 30 mobil terjaring razia dalam 3 bulan terakhir, para pengemudi resah Pemerintah tekankan adanya entitas legal; pengamat menilai ada kesalahpahaman
Jakarta task force keeping an eye on Uber … and GrabCar
Jakarta  has become the latest city to act against ride-sharing services such as those offered by US-based Uber Technologies and Singapore-based GrabTaxi, and has formed a special task force to keep an eye on them.
Concern and confusion greet Indonesia’s new smartphone rules
Indonesia has a trade deficit of US$1.9 billion, and its Government is trying to tighten the outflow with a new regulation could adversely affect the nation's vibrant smartphone market.
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