Singtel adds Starlink connectivity to its maritime portfolio of services to drive industry growth
Starlink is first LEO broadband service added to Singtel’s portfolio High-speed, end-to-end connectivity lower costs & raises safety of vessels
Wahdah introduces DRIVE, the future of Fleet Management
Automate tasks, optimize vehicle operations, elevate efficiency of car rental operators Focus on innovation, commitment to user empowerment, emphasis on collaborative growth
How Boost enables digital transformation through simplified merchant solutions
Self-service analytics tool, Boost Biz Booster, offers real time data Micro-financing solution, Capital, offers alternative finance options
Petronas establishes AI COE to accelerate efficiency, sustainability, expects ROI within first year
First round collaborations, involving Baker Hughes, BCG & Microsoft Malaysia Up to 200 data scientists, data engineers, software engineers & subject matter experts
Celcom Business has your back
Businesses, govt can rely on world-class capabilities Celcom has built Malaysian business owners now tap technology for long-term growth It is an understatement to say that the pandemic has accelerated digital adoption by businesses, be they small, medium and large.
5 ways to optimise your workforce in the face of the Great Resignation
60% workforce being millennials & Gen Z, manual processes are history JustLogin LHDN-approved, integrated to Microsoft Teams for HR processing
The Future of HR: Empowered by Technology
Advancements in HR tech make this a ripe time for change in HR workflows Cloud based HRMS has an impact far greater than just in the HR dept alone
Meraque unveils Malaysia’s first plantation autonomous ground vehicle
AGVs infused with AI, hopes of building better future for agricultural sector Can be integrated with other AGVs through swarm technology, collect data
For innovation to work, businesses need roadmap to track progress, plus supportive environment
Under current economic landscape, being pioneer no guarantee of market survival Businesses must innovate to improve efficiency, enhance their place in value chain
Top In Tech: Digital Signatures: Embracing New Practices
Has same legal standing as handwritten signature, improves trust MyDigital blueprint provides boost to digital signature adoption
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