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The Future of HR: Empowered by Technology

  • Advancements in HR tech make this a ripe time for change in HR workflows
  • Cloud based HRMS has an impact far greater than just in the HR dept alone

HR Tech allows for customized onboarding, allows new hires to know the company and its people better.

HR professionals have squared off against challenge after challenge in the past few years. The need to rise above the demands of an ever changing employment landscape has never been more vital.

Today, they have the opportunity to redefine their work through technology, with Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) being especially useful to their work. But the impact is far greater than just in the HR department alone. The suite of tools under HRMS can lay the groundwork for good business decisions and outcomes for the entire company.

Here we unpack the common problems and potential solutions that can spell the difference and set the scene for the future of HR.


1. Admin / day to day

On a daily basis, HR professionals waste valuable energy and time handling administrative matters such as expenses claims, leave, attendance, etc. Their focus and attention could be better spent in ways that utilize their valuable expertise.

HRMS software has self-service features where employees can handle most of these menial matters themselves, freeing up a heavy load of repetitive work for HR professionals while granting employees greater transparency.

Employee engagement is highly correlated with employee retention and has consistently been one of the most important and challenging HR issues.

2. Payroll

Payroll is a business critical operation for every organization. Manual and inefficient systems that are erroneous create problems for HR and frustrations for the employee. Systems that do not comply with statutory requirements and which fail to handle differing needs of each employee can create employee retention issues and even legal repercussions.

Today, the adoption of a robust cloud hosted payroll software makes all the difference. It empowers businesses to be faster and more efficient. Compliance is built-in and simplified, therefore errors are reduced, increasing accuracy.

With access to real time data anywhere, anytime, payroll is carried out with greater speed and efficacy. In addition, a cloud based solution enables cost savings as it does not require physical hardware on premise.


3. Hiring

Recruitment is prone to some of the most time consuming processes in the entire HR field. Creating job vacancies for every role requires much detail which is followed by large numbers of job applications for every position advertised. This generates heavy documentation, processing, and the tracking of applications for every person applying.

An effective HRMS solution helps companies build a robust, comprehensive, intelligent recruitment process that consistently finds the most talented people who fit the business with greater efficacy.


4. Onboarding

This process is often neglected or simply paid lip-service. However it is a crucial step, with potential to boost retention of new hires by 50%. It does not consist of just acclimating new hires to their role but also to the company and its people. With remote working, disconnection is inevitable and the onboarding process is more vital than ever today.

HR Tech allows for customized onboarding journeys, allows new hires to know the company and its people better. It provides a platform to connect to others, with a deeper and quicker sense of belonging.


5.Employee retention & engagement

Employee engagement is highly correlated with employee retention and has consistently been one of the most important and challenging HR issues. Employers with highly-engaged employees see a 24% to 59% decrease in turnover. When people leave, they do not simply leave a job position to be filled; they leave behind gaps in knowledge and experience as well as good working relationships.

With HR solutions, built-in pulse surveys can be scheduled, allowing employees to be heard and valued. When there is ensuing action on such feedback, it creates a workplace culture where the showing of recognition, career conversations, and 360 appraisals is commonplace.

Though there are many consuming parts of an HR professional’s work scope, rising advancements in HR technology make this a ripe time for change in their workflows.

Managing a workforce with a centralized and automated HR software allows for efficient decision making and increases the effectiveness of the recruitment process. It also engages employees and eliminates paperwork and repetitive data entry whilst ensuring compliance.

An empowering, progressive HR solution, such as Access Group’s People HR, with an intuitive interface makes a real difference, helping to increase efficiency and better business decisions.

For more info, visit: theaccessgroup.com/en-my/products/people-hr/

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