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Celcom Business has your back

It is an understatement to say that the pandemic has accelerated digital adoption by businesses, be they small, medium and large.

Every business knows that adopting digital tools is now part of the new DNA of running a business, no matter the size. From the snack food kiosk at Pantai Redang in Sekinchan, which has boldly opted for digital only payments, and adopted other digital tools, right up to the billion ringgit companies, digital is business itself.

Report after report, survey after survey shows this as well. But even more significantly, is the mindset shift among some business owners. This is happening in Malaysia as well. As a May 2022 report by CPA Australia’s Asia-Pacific Small Business Survey 2021-2022, revealed that Malaysia’s innovative culture is comparable when compared to small businesses from Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan.

Many Malaysian business owners are now motivated to pursue technological innovations for long-term growth as opposed to short-term survival.

This mindset change is something that leading telco in Malaysia, Celcom Axiata Bhd has predicted. Expecting more businesses to tap the potential and power of digital tools, Celcom, from as far back as 2018 has been working to strengthen its position as a trusted and world class technology partner to businesses of all sizes in Malaysia through the introduction of its latest suite of tools and support via its Celcom Business suite.

Celcom Business has your back

The objective has been simple enough. To do all the heavy lifting in the background and offer a set of easy to use and cost efficient digital tools that make it easier and simple for business to embrace digital solutions.

Businesses have been onboard and keen to embrace digital solutions for a few years now. According to research jointly conducted by SME Corp and Huawei Malaysia in 2018, 79.7% of Malaysian business have realised the importance of ICT adoption and its role in improving business productivity and efficiency.

The key challenge however, has been to find the right and trusted party.

Consider that challenge overcome. Being part of the Axiata Group’s leadership and expertise for over 30 years, spanning six countries in Asia, Celcom Business offers its customers reliable world-class solutions and expertise, in partnership with world class companies such as Microsoft, Google Cloud and Amazon.

One of the key barriers for any business, but especially SMEs and micro SMEs, in adopting digital is the fear of being vulnerable to cyber attacks. Celcom Business soothes those fears by partnering with Telefonica Tech, the technology unit of Spanish telco, Telefonica and promises to protect your brand and reputation with its Digital Risk Protection, a holistic approach to ensure its customers, be they SME, enterprises or government can sleep easy.

Celcom Business has your back

But cyber fears aside, the primary reason companies and public sector agencies have been eager to weave digital solutions into their operations is because of the productivity and marketing tools.

You’re covered here as well. Right from the range of mobile (location based advertising) to fixed solutions such as IP VPN, to IoT, Cloud, Cybersecurity and Celcom specialists are a call away to assist you, not matter the complexity of the challenge you need solved.

As Celcom likes to echo, “Together, your business will be strengthened through our wide network (96% 4G coverage), robust ecosystem of digital solutions and expert partnerships to meet evolving market challenges for digital growth.”

But don’t take Celcom’s world for it. Listen to Tiffany Ong, owner of Fresh St Grocer who urges business owners to, “sooner rather than later”, consider the benefits of adapting to transform their business. “They would not have to juggle and manage too many issues with manpower by themselves, as operations will be automated and processes will flow beyond their expectations

Celcom Business has your back

As a telco and technology service provider that also serves government, though its focus on Smarter Nation, Celcom offers a wide range of services ranging from Agriculture, Transport & Utilities, Education and Energy & Utilities and on to another five verticals. Yes, it has solutions that can help the public sector through its suite of 9 comprehensive solutions that cover all manner of smart nation services. As the oldest mobile network operator in the country and one with the widest 3G (when it was available) and now 4G and 5G networks, Celcom has long been a trusted partner of various ministries in rolling out their mobile based programmes.

And that is a key word that embodies how Celcom Business prefers to deliver value and future-proof its customers – by adopting a partnership approach and this is encapsulated in its mission statement of “Accelerate Success Together”. Celcom Business works together with its customers to deliver success. What more can a client ask for?

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