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5 ways to optimise your workforce in the face of the Great Resignation

  • 60% workforce being millennials & Gen Z, manual processes are history
  • JustLogin LHDN-approved, integrated to Microsoft Teams for HR processing

Providing opportunities for your employees to progress in their career can keep them excited and engaged.
It’s no longer business as usual as businesses today are dealing with a volatile and uncertain market. Recovering post-COVID economies, China’s zero-COVID policy, devastating natural disasters across the globe (with the mega typhoon that hit Japan being the latest) and restricted export of poultry from Malaysia – all have led to issues such as disruption in supply lines and inflated food and energy prices.

Adding to these problems is the ‘great resignation’ where companies are experiencing higher turnover than usual. Consulting firm Gartner forecasts the pace of employee turnover to be 50%–75% higher than before, while also taking 18% longer to fill roles than in pre-pandemic.

But despite the flux, here are five things companies can pay attention to if they want to retain and attract talent:

  1. Offer flexible schedules

As companies are moving to a hybrid or remote working system, employees are given the responsibility of choosing where to work. However, it can be difficult in managing employees without a complete HR management tool.  

Using a HRMS with attendance tracking like JustLogin, HR personnel would be able to customise work shifts, track working hours and designate pay based on the work preferences of every employee. Clocking in for work is made easier as employees would only have to take a selfie through the mobile clock-in application.


  1. Automate and digitalise to improve employee experience

Digitalising HR processes makes it more accessible anywhere and at any time.

60% of today’s workforce is made up of millennials and Gen Z. Catering to this group of tech- and Internet-savvy individuals means weaning out tedious manual processes of the past.

Unfortunately, revising HR protocols are among the areas often neglected at the workplace. Improving the employee experience with a HR system like JustLogin not only speeds up HR processes like payroll calculations but also allows employees to plan and apply for leave, record attendance, and even submit their expenses or medical claims easily through either the desktop or mobile app.


  1. Communicate often and provide clarity in your business vision

Employees don’t leave companies; they leave their leaders. Employees want to align with a business that aligns with their vision.

In light of this, HR has to ensure there is a constant line of communication and transparency between management and employees. Announcements and the latest updates sent through a formal communication channel can help in boosting confidence among workers. Two-way communication through this channel will also ensure workers know that their voice is heard.


  1. Career progression is more important than promotion

The difference between progression and promotion is that employees can delve deeper into their current role and gain new job insight instead of climbing the corporate ladder.

For HR professionals, it is crucial to understand the strengths of each employee for the possibility of job transitions within the company. A customisable employee data feature allows HR to view key information and develop progression plans and training that will eventually equate to employee career satisfaction.


  1. Invest in employee development

Giving employees the right tools and space to grow increases the chance of talent retention.

Employees that are given the right space and tools to upgrade themselves would be more inclined to stay and find satisfaction in their jobs. However, due to clashing schedules and project deadlines, it can be hard to plan or provide quality routes for all employees seeking to develop themselves.

The company-wide calendar feature such as the one on JustLogin would allow HR to not only view current work schedules of employees but coordinate with team and department leads on suitable periods for group or personal development, be it one-on-one training or online workshops.

JustLogin understands the need to simplify work processes and is committed to revolutionising traditional HR roles and decreasing tedious administration, thus increasing talent retention and productivity resulting to satisfactory results for employers. JustLogin was recently LHDN-approved and integrated into Microsoft Teams for easier HR processing.

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