Channel your inner geek and join the record breaking Drinkentrepreneurs Malaysia party

  • Malaysian chapter has largest membership database among 40+ global cities event
  • Creating a trusted community for startup ecosystem to learn, share, grow and unwind

Last year's mega party by Drinkpreneurs Malaysia. Create your own memories tomorrow at the 2019 mega party!

IT'S a record-breaking wave in the digital world. First the 10.10 online shopping festival saw record breaking sales and just two days ago, Alibaba’s 11.11 extravaganza also notched off the chart sales. Following on the heels of that, tomorrow night will witness the record breaking Drink Entrepreneurs party of the year for Kuala Lumpur’s startup ecosystem hosted by Drinkentrepreneurs Malaysia with an expected 800 fun-starved geeks expected to turn the uppity Kyo club at Mandarin Oriental into a geek mosh pit! Sign up, if you still haven’t, for the party of the year.

Ok, perhaps that’s a tad exaggerated. But what’s not exaggerated is that this is the party of the year for the startup ecosystem to unleash their fun spirit against an ecosystem where 12-hour work days are a norm.

And one thing Lingesh Thayala and Ganesh Mahendranathan, founders of Drinkentrepreneurs Malaysia, will tell you is that the Malaysian ecosystem loves its party, because, the Malaysian chapter of this 40+ city event that started in Paris, is the largest in the world! That is measured by the 61 events they have run since launching.

[Para edited for accuracy.]

To be sure, Drinkentrepreneurs Malaysia is not a single event company and nor is it all about drinking copious amounts of alcohol and clogging the toilets with barf (though that is the agenda of some). Rather, Lingesh started Drinkentrepreneurs Malaysia five years ago on returning to Kuala Lumpur after graduating and finding it hard to find a space to meet like-minded people and have stimulating conversations. A year after he started it, Ganesh joined as cofounder to help it grow further.

Today it has grown into a “movement” as he describes it, with around 200 people attending their monthly meet-ups with one big bang party, which this year is tomorrow. The good news for those who wish for more such meet-ups is that, they are coming.

“Our plan is to start organising KL’s Largest Startup party on a quarterly basis so that it can become the official informal space for the startup community every quarter where friends reconnect and new connections are made,” says Ganesh.

He is confident the ecosystem is ready for it as he feels that the popularity of their party night has tracked the vibrant growth in the entrepreneurial spirit within the community compared to when they first started 5 years ago.

Lingesh sees Drinkentrepreneurs Malaysia contributing to the growth of the startup ecosystem in three ways.

He believes KL needs a space where the movers and shakers come together and have conversations about making a positive impact to the world around them. “We ensure we have our events on a monthly basis to establish consistency and trust of the startup community.”

Secondly, as a support community for entrepreneurs. “If you have started a business, you definitely know it is an intense journey. Facing this is always easier when you have a community of people that understand you and allows you to have a space to share and talk with fellow entrepreneurs. This is a space that we have created.”

Unwinding and de-toxing is another role he wants to play. “As they say all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. We work very hard in our culture and everyone focuses on that.” Drinkentrepreneurs Malaysia is the pit stop you need in your life to re-charge and charge forward much stronger. And where better than an informal setting over a drink. “As we say, ‘It all starts here, over a drink’,” he adds.

Of course this is not an altruistic movement. In keeping with the startup ethos of disrupting the status quo in business, Drinkentrepreneurs Malaysia aims to break the traditional way of how event organisers make money. Instead of charging clients who wish to hold social events at bars, Drinkentrepreneurs Malaysia does not charge them for organizing their events. Instead it cuts a revenue share deal with the bars.

“When bars make money so do we. Customers who spend that money at the bars for their events should not be paying more just to organise an event,” says Ganesh.

With the biggest party of the year ready to rock in less than 24-hours, get yourself registered at and use this code DEKLDNA to get a free ticket, but only for the first 10 signups. For the rest, DEKL25 will get you a 25% discount on individual tickets.

Drinkentrepreneurs Malaysia is hosting tomorrow’s Drink Entrepreneurs party with the support of key communities from the Malaysian startup ecosystem such as Techstars, LinkedIn, World Startup Festival, Founder Institute, Seedstars Asia and Found8.

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