​​Sustainable farming and supply chain traceability startup Koltiva raises series A financing led by AC Ventures

  • Funds will be used to expand its software-as-a-service platform
  • Silverstrand Capital, Planet Rise, Development Finance Asia & Blue 7 joined this round

Koltiva's boots-on-the-ground give producer one on one daily coaching

Koltiva, a sustainable farming and supply chain traceability startup based in Indonesia, has announced a seven-figure series A financing round led by AC Ventures, a top-tier early-stage venture capital firm. The round also includes participation from Silverstrand Capital, Planet Rise, Development Finance Asia, and Blue 7, along with existing investor The Meloy Fund, a prominent impact investor in Southeast Asia.

In a statement, Koltiva revealed its plans to utilise the newly acquired capital to expand its software-as-a-service platform, enabling multinational corporations to achieve supply chain traceability from seed to table.

Koltiva's offerings encompass producer profiling, plot mapping, seed-to-table traceability, and training through its team of field experts and agronomists in the agritech sector. Additionally, on the climate front, Koltiva is developing products to assist in greenhouse gas assessments and provides clients with climate-smart farm support, land use mapping, and risk alerts.

In the context of agri-based product traceability, Koltiva stands at the forefront of innovation, Their pioneering software provides seed-to-table traceability, ensuring transparency throughout the entire journey from input materials and farm operations to distribution and the end consumer. This innovation serves as a vital tool for large multinational corporations and enterprises seeking to trace the origins of their food supply, much of which originates from smallholder producers in Indonesia and other operating countries.

Koltiva's significance is further underscored by the introduction of stringent regulations like the EU’s Deforestation-Free Products Regulation (EUDR), mandated by the European Council. This regulation mandates that companies must demonstrate the absence of deforestation in their products and adhere to specific legal standards. Over 50,000 EU-based businesses are now bound by this regulation, and even non-EU companies engaged in EU activities must ensure compliance. In this context, Koltiva's solution proves indispensable, particularly for industries such as cocoa, coffee, rubber, and palm oil.

The company goes beyond being a mere service; it's a transformative tool. It provides a comprehensive web and mobile app that streamlines various activities, including producer registration, surveys, crop transaction monitoring, deforestation mapping, and greenhouse gas emissions measurement on farms

Despite its roots in Indonesia, Koltiva boasts a global presence. Their team collaborates with producers in 52 countries, with nearly half of these smallholders located in Indonesia. The remainder spans across diverse nations such as Brazil, China, the Ivory Coast, and beyond.

​​Sustainable farming and supply chain traceability startup Koltiva raises series A financing led by AC VenturesManfred Borer (pic), co-founder & CEO of Koltiva emphasised the company’s mission, stating that “Koltiva goes beyond traceability. By offering a comprehensive seed-to-table traceability, we empower corporations to navigate the ever evolving regulatory landscape and sustainable requirements, all while improving the livelihood of  smallholder producers. 

He further said “We aim to foster an ecosystem that benefits global brands while simultaneously uplifting the grassroots of the supply chain. We envision a world where transparent and sustainable trade is standard.”

Koltiva claims that its platform already serves over 1 million producers and 6,800 businesses, indicating a significant need for its innovative food supply chain tracing, climate tech offerings, and more.

Helen Wong, managing partner at AC Ventures, highlighted the pivotal role of Koltiva in the evolving landscape, stating, “As multinational businesses increasingly prioritize sustainability, Indonesia-based Koltiva is positioned to emerge as a key player in ensuring transparent supply chains.

She continued by acknowledging Koltiva's broader impact, saying, “By strengthening the livelihoods of small-scale farmers in emerging markets and facilitating their adaptation to climate change, Koltiva serves as a great example of how modern technology can reshape traditional industries, drive global change, and contribute to building a more environmentally sustainable future for future generations.


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