Asia OnTime in digital advertising partnership with Adstream

  • Company to provide AdReach, integrated platform which enables precisely targeted digital advertising campaigns
  • Claims it solves age-old industry-wide problem of advertisements that are served but not seen or measured

Asia OnTime in digital advertising partnership with AdstreamASIA OnTime (M) Sdn Bhd, which specializes in advertising delivery networks and system, has announced a partnership with Adstream Broadcast and Digital, an advertising workflow and distribution company.
Under the partnership, the Malaysian company would become the first sole licensor in Asia to provide solutions in storage distribution, validation and management of multimedia assets for the advertising community, it said in a statement.
Asia OnTime will be providing AdReach, an integrated platform which enables brands and media agencies to “strategize, create, deliver, optimize and analyze” to precisely target digital advertising campaigns in real time.
“We are proud to be the sole partner of this innovative and revolutionary advertising solution,” said Asia OnTime managing director Christine Sterk (pic).
“With its solutions, we are now able to provide our publishers and advertisers the most integrated tool to ensure that their advertisements are served to the right people, at the right place and the right time, all the time,” she added.
Founded in 2001, Adstream provides collaborative advertising technology solutions that connect brands, agencies, production companies and media owners by streamlining business processes throughout the advertising cycle, Asia OnTime said in its statement.
It currently delivers advertisements to 93 countries, with 26 offices around the globe, 3,000 TV channels connected, 1,600 distribution centers and 40,000 publications online. Annually, Adstream delivers almost one million TV commercials, two million press advertising and seven million assets, the companies said.
Through the innovative AdReach solution offered by AdStream, the advertisers will be able to manage and monetize its digital display and video content in the most optimal way possible.
AdReach promises five key abilities:
Strategize: Identify, plan and precisely target audiences based on behavior, social, demographic, geographic,  devices and context to ensure that the advertising messages are always seen by the intended audience.
Create: Build static or interactive digital advertisements for all devices within minutes. Users will then be able to submit their digital advertisements for instant feedback and easy approval ensuring that deadlines are always met on time.
Deliver: Create and serve digital advertising campaigns to ensure delivery of the right advertisement to the right person, at all the right times.
Optimize: Track user behavior on all platforms in real time to optimize the content and advertisements if necessary to reduce redundancy and unnecessary advertising spend.
Analyze: Analyze the detailed statistics and performance of each advertising campaign to report, learn and optimize the delivery for the next campaign.
Adstreams claims that AdReach will work across any advertising server, site and market analytics tools or behavioral targeting engines and provide advertisers with 30% more digital advertisement. It ensures that only advertisements that are seen are served, thus directly solving the age-old industry-wide problem of advertisements that are served but are unseen and unmeasured.
Through the AdReach solution, clients will have a greater control, transparency and input into the production process which will help reduce the manual work with their agencies to publish and validate the advertisements, the company said.

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