Now, your Bitmoji can (literally) get in on your Fibit

  • Bitmoji cartoon avatar updates 24/7 based on your activity and personal data
  • Actions range from celebrating daily step goals to warning about impending rain


Now, your Bitmoji can (literally) get in on your Fibit


WHO says health and fun can’t be strapped together to your wrist? Fitbit and Snap Inc recently announced a partnership that integrates Snap’s Bitmoji clock face into Fitbit smartwatches. Bitmoji is a personalised cartoon avatar that can be used in messaging apps, especially Snapchat.

The idea here is for the Bitmoji cartoon on the watch to dynamically update and change throughout the day based on your personal health, fitness data and activity, in a bid to keep you motivated towards hitting that elliptical bike after work.

The Bitmoji clock face is available for free exclusively for all Fitbit Ionic and Fibit Versa family of smartwatch users.

“Giving our users experiences that are personalised, engaging, and delightful is at the core of what we do at Fitbit,” says Fitbit chief marketing officer Tim Rosa.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Snap to give our millions of users around the globe a creative, shareable depiction of their health and fitness progress through this imaginative concept. The Fitbit x Bitmoji dynamic clock face is the collective result from both Fitbit and Snap teams, to create a new way to help motivate people to be healthier and have lots of fun doing it.”

A healthy avatar

Now, your Bitmoji can (literally) get in on your Fibit Fitbit says that the whole thing is brought together through the integrated APIs on both platforms, and given life by Snap’s developer platform, Snap Kit.

Depending on the time of day, weather and your activities, you’ll get to see more than 50 Bitmoji clock face variations. These range from waving hello to start your day to celebrating your daily step goals with confetti. If there’s a chance of rain, the Bitmoji can even notify you by carrying an umbrella.

The Bitmoji integration is only one of the nearly 3,000 smartwatch apps and clock faces that are available on the Fitbit App Gallery since its 2017 launch. Within the Gallery are more dynamic and data-driven clock faces to help keep users more accountable by showing their goals and progress front and centre.

But maybe friends are what you truly need – Fitbit’s research found that users with five or more friends on the Fitbit community take 819 more steps a day, which amounts to an extra 12 miles (20km) a month. Perhaps the Bitmoji can be a friend. We’re not judging.

“Snap and Fitbit have both built incredible platforms to give people a place to share their stories, connect, and build a sense of community. We share a belief in the power of giving people the tools they need to express themselves and share their individuality,” says Snap Inc’s vice president of partnerships Ben Schwerin.

“Bitmojis are one way that we do that, and we are excited to bring our platforms together with the first-ever smartwatch clock face integration so our combined users can have a unique way to connect, stay motivated, and challenge one another to be healthier.”

The Bitmoji clock face is now available for download in the Fitbit App Gallery on Fitbit Versa Lite Edition, Fitbit Versa, Versa Special Edition, Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Ionic: adidas Edition.


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