Indonesian hospitals to get NEC’s mobile bedside nursing technology

  • Helps reduce operational cost and admin errors, improves patient care: NEC
  • To be rolled out in two hospitals, targeting to hit 10 hospitals in a few years
Indonesian hospitals to get NEC’s mobile bedside nursing technology

PT NEC Indonesia said it will implement its Bedside Nursing (BSN) IT solution in selected hospitals in Indonesia as part of its ‘Solutions for Society’ initiative.
Providing safe, efficient and affordable healthcare is a growing challenge for many organisations around the world, NEC Indonesia said in a statement. Hospitals are continuously challenged to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse patient population.
BSN helps resolve these challenges, the company said. Nurses use a mobile device, such as a tablet, to retrieve real-time data on patient vitals and order information from the Hospital Information System (HIS), thereby allowing them to provide more personalised and effective patient care.

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NEC’s BSN system is an Android-based scalable application which works on the HIS platform.
The BSN solution will be implemented in two public hospitals in Indonesia: The Budhi Asih Public Hospital and the Cimacan Public Hospital.

The BSN solution provides the following features:

Indonesian hospitals to get NEC’s mobile bedside nursing technology
  • Patient safety: Nurses can view orders from an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system and verify them before administering any care. During order verification, nurses perform a three-point check, which comprises of confirming the right nurse, the right patient and the right order (drugs, injections, blood transfusions), and then carrying out the orders at a patient’s bedside.


  • Patient data (entry/view): Nurses can examine patients at their bedsides and simultaneously enter data, including vital signs (temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate), height, weight, etc., by connecting to the EMR system through a wireless LAN (local area network). Patient data (graphical trends, etc.) can be viewed at their bedside in real time in order for a nurse monitor a patient’s condition periodically.


  • Mobile: An Android-based tablet with 7in touchscreen enables nurses to easily enter patient data and view it in one sight. The user interface allow for easy navigation across the application. The tablet can also be easily inserted into a nurse’s coat pocket or can be held by a single hand during a patient’s bedside examination, NEC Indonesia said.

Furthermore, the BSN solution can also display several other types of medical information, such as diagnosis results, drug allergy information, blood type, vital signs, doctor in charge, and bed arrangement within a ward, the company added.
The BSN solution helps hospitals to reduce operational cost, improve the quality of care for patients and reduce medical admin errors, it declared.
Currently, BSN has been integrated with Jasamedika’s HIS. Jasamedika is a major HIS vendor in Indonesia.  It is expected that “within the next few years,” NEC Indonesia and Jasamedika will expand BSN to at least 10 hospitals.
“NEC’s healthcare mobile solutions ensure that hospitals can assign its most appropriate personnel to provide the correct procedures at the right point of care,” said NEC Indonesia president director Takayuki Kano.
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