Hillstone provides extra security layer for AWS users in SEA

  • CloudEdge provides security for business transactions in the cloud
  • Based on its Next-Generation Firewall technology
Hillstone provides extra security layer for AWS users in SEA

NETWORK security solutions provider Hillstone Networks announced that its new virtual firewall solution, CloudEdge, is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in standard and advanced editions throughout South-East Asia.
Hillstone CloudEdge is based on its Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) technology, and is deployed as an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) gateway to provide an additional layer of security for AWS customers, Hillstone said in a statement.
The virtual solution integrates with multiple security services, including firewall security, application visibility and identification, VPN (virtual private network), IPS (intrusion prevention system), and attack protection, to ensure security for cloud deployment, the company claimed.
“South-East Asia is dominated by SMEs (small and medium enterprises) which are looking to streamline security processes with solutions that are easy-to-use, available for immediate purchase and deployment, and strong security features,” said Hillstone Networks’ South-East Asia regional director Francis Teo.
“The introduction of Hillstone’s CloudEdge demonstrates our focus on offering comprehensive security solutions that power and promote our customers’ business,” he added.
New features and benefits from Hillstone Networks include:

  • Dedicated cloud security isolation: Hillstone Networks’ CloudEdge inspects all traffic flowing across the Amazon VPC; unauthorised access attempts are prevented based on user and application identification and control.
  • AWS service and reliability: Hillstone supports Amazon VPC service maintenance through the integration of a snapshot backup of CloudEdge, enabling rapid restoration of virtual firewall services with the most current configuration, in the unlikely event of an appliance failure or system crash.
  • Flexible and affordable: Hillstone provides granular control based on applications, offers comprehensive reports on Amazon VPC traffic, and helps AWS users achieve the lowest cost for network security, the company claimed.

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