Veritas introduces new cloud solutions for data management

  • Unveils NetBackup, a cloud-optimised, at-scale data management solution
  • Claims to simplify how businesses manage data, protect from threats

Veritas introduces new cloud solutions for data managementVeritas Technologies has announced the launch of its cloud-optimised, autonomous data management, which the company claimed will simplify the way businesses manage data and automate protection from threats, such as ransomware. 

In a statement, Veritas laid out its strategy for autonomous data management, where it said its NetBackup will harnesses artificial intelligence and hyper-automation to self-provision, self-optimise, and self-heal in multi-cloud environments. 

This state-of-the-art technology will be available with the newest version of the company’s flagship NetBackup software, which was also announced.

Veritas introduces new cloud solutions for data managementAndy Ng (pic), vice president and managing director for Asia South and Pacific region at Veritas Technologies said accelerated digital transformation and cloud adoption is delivering benefits to businesses. 

He added that a new joint advisory from the Australian, US and UK security services highlighted that hackers are increasing the impact of their ransomware attacks by targeting cloud services and data.

“Therefore, as businesses push for digitalisation, it is critical to adopt a proactive stance against cyber exploits and malicious actors.

“To address these challenges, Veritas is charting its strategy that will help to optimise cloud footprint and costs, keep data safe from ransomware, and pave the way to autonomous data management,” said Ng.

According to the company, Veritas Cloud Scale Technology, powering NetBackup, will be the foundation that delivers this strategy.

It added that Cloud Scale Technology enables a containerised, programmable, and AI-powered microservices architecture that provides autonomous unified data management services across any cloud. 

The benefits of Cloud Scale Technology are first realised through the launch of NetBackup 10.

Veritas said it believes that it can solve the challenges of enterprises as they deal with the quantity and variety of workloads and data that they need to manage, by automating workflows for data management. 

The company is planning for a future where its technology is able to autonomously provision, optimise and repair data management services, while empowering end users to enable self-service data protection and recovery, freeing up IT staff to focus on strategic and transformational activity.
Christophe Bertrand, practice director at industry analyst ESG, said it is easy for organisations to end up with a patchwork of piecemeal data protection solutions in the cloud, where individual workloads and applications have been deployed by new functional decision makers and managed in silos. 

“But, over time, these add up, creating a continually growing cost and management burden that quickly becomes unsustainable at scale. In order to avoid this, enterprises need a long-term solution that can help to reduce the footprint of their cloud backup and automate its management,” said Betrand.


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