Warrants trading now easier with Live Matrix by Kenanga

  • Enables investors to view the live feed from Kenanga’s market making system
  • Offers easy access to real-time market data and flexibility to trade on-the-go


(From left) Kenanga Investment Bank Equity Derivatives warrants issuer, assistant VP Isabelle Zhen; Bursa Malaysia Securities Market Investor and Channel Management VP A A Deepa; Kenanga Investment Bank head of Equity Derivatives Philip Lim; Bursa Malaysia New Development & Market Facilitation executive VP Shahrul Amry Abdul Malek; and Kenanga Investment Bank Equity Derivatives VP Kenneth Teoh

KENANGA Investment Bank Bhd (KIBB) now offers structured warrants traders access to its latest tool Live Matrix which enables investors to view the live feed from Kenanga’s market making system, giving them easy access to real-time market data and flexibility to trade on-the-go.

According to KIBB, the volume and value being traded in structured warrants in Malaysia have grown rapidly and increased by 40.43% in volume and 198% in value year-on-year. 

“We have noticed an increase in younger traders entering the market and structured warrants tend to appeal to those with a bigger risk appetite, limited capital and who want to amplify gains on a chosen stock.

“Live Matrix was primarily created in response to feedback received from our younger traders aged between 24 and 35 years old who have been trading in structured warrants and need useful tools to enable them to make smart trading choices,” said Lee Kok Khee, executive director and head of Group Equity Broking Business, Kenanga Investment Bank Bhd.

Commenting on the development of Live Matrix, Philip Lim, head of Equity Derivatives, Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad said, “As some traders are relatively new to structured warrants trading, we place great importance on educating them. They are dealing with bullish market products which can be utilised in many conditions. We review their concerns and put in place solutions that address their needs and can empower them to be smart and savvy traders.

“It is about having the right information at one’s fingertips and with Live Matrix, our warrant traders no longer need to estimate the flipping prices of warrants and anyone can access it free of charge.”

Available on the Group’s NagaWarrants.com website, Live Matrix is accessible via both desktop and mobile devices.

The KIBB Live Matrix is unique as it features two colours from the traffic light. When the Bid and Offer quote is tight, the current prices will be highlighted in green to indicate one may proceed. When there is a widened spread on the Bid and Offer quote, it will be highlighted in orange to mean trade with care.

“Furthermore, the volume and value of the structured warrants market in Malaysia have even overtaken the ACE Market this year by 12% and 27% year-to-date, respectively.  This demonstrates traders’ increased interests towards Structured Warrant as more are opting to capitalise on the benefits of leveraged products, beyond products with lower price points. It is KIBB’s aim to help build a smart warrants trading community in Malaysia by equipping them with the right tools and information,” Lim added.

KIBB also organises monthly talks across Malaysia to enhance financial literacy of its traders which includes warrants trading.

To celebrate the launch of Live Matrix, KIBB will be giving away a “Structured Warrants Trading 101” eBook to the first 200 traders who register on www.NagaWarrants.com effective January 2019.


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