Spotify launches Premium Mini with daily, weekly options

  • Offers daily & weekly subscriptions from RM1
  • Users get premium features at a low cost

Spotify launches Premium Mini with daily, weekly options

SPOTIFY has launched Premium Mini in Malaysia in a bid to ensure Malaysians have greater access to the audio streaming platform.

In a statement, the streaming player said the new bite-sized plan offers flexibility to suit on-demand listening habits with daily and weekly subscriptions from RM1.00 (US$0.24) a day or RM3.90(US$0.93) a week.

Premium Mini users can enjoy almost all the benefits of the regular Premium plan including: 

  • Ad-free individual music listening on mobile with unlimited skips: Listeners can access more than 70 million music tracks and over 2.9 million podcast titles;
  • Download and play up to 30 songs offline on one mobile device: This allows users to be on-the-go and stay connected to their favourite artists and creators without the need to connect to WiFi or tap into their mobile data;
  • Flexibility at its best: Listeners have the option to immediately subscribe for just a day or a week at any given moment;
  • Hassle-free and seamless payment methods: Beyond the credit card option, users can choose to make payment via a digital wallet; and
  • Better together: Listeners have the ability to tune in to the same playlist or podcast with up to five friends via group session in beta.

The company said its Premium Mini offering hits a sweet spot by giving listeners a subset of their favorite premium features such as the full on-demand and ad-free music and podcast listening, while having it available at a lower price by paying for only when they need it. 

 Here’s how you can sign up:

  1. Download Spotify’s mobile app or head over to Spotify's website on desktop.
  2. Click the ‘Premium’ section at the top right of the website or at the bottom right of the Spotify app.
  3. Choose ‘Get Mini’ and choose ‘daily’ or ‘weekly’ plan. This is a prepaid offering. 
  4. Choose payment methods. No credit card required.
  5. Register or log in to the Spotify account.
  6. Users can start enjoying Spotify’s Premium Mini experience for a day or week.

Spotify’s Premium Mini plan is available in Malaysia for Android mobile and tablet. For more information, head on over to Spotify’s website


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