Second global award for DNB & Ericsson’s AI intent-based operations solution

A part of DNB's world class 5G network in the Klang Valley.

Ericsson and Malaysia’s Digital Nasional Bhd (DNB) have won a second global award for their implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Intent-based operations (IBO) solution, part of Ericsson Operations Engine.

The latest award is from telecommunications industry organization FutureNet World, in the Artificial Intelligence for Network Operations (AIOps) category for the best Automated Operations Solution Incorporating AI Functionality. The Intent-based solution had previously received the Glotel Award in 2022.

The Intent based Operations is the next evolution of DNB’s 5G network, leveraging 5G Advanced technology standards and artificial intelligence (AI) to incorporate machine learning (ML), and automation to increase agility, simplify management, improve security and network resilience.


About  AI Intent-based operations

Intent-based operations are based on providing a statement of what a service provider wants the network to do or the outcome needed from the network. It is then interpreted by the intent-based system, which will manage the network to achieve the goal.

Utilizing AI/ML technology and the associated automation, these features empower networks to adjust to fluctuating demands and conditions instantly, providing a more agile and adaptable infrastructure for telecommunications. This is achieved by dynamically managing network resources to enhance the user experience.

“The current speed of Malaysia’s 5G network, measured by Ookla as world-class, is already sufficient for today's use cases but enterprise use cases require more than just higher 5G speeds. Leveraging intent-based operations allows for effective management of the growing complexities involved in delivering differentiated  5G connectivity to multiple parties while adhering to SLAs,” said Ken Tan, DNB Chief Technology Officer.


AI leveraged in 5G network to optimize performance, enhance user experiences

AI is being leveraged in the 5G network to optimize performance and enhance user experiences, given that new services require always-on high performance, ultra-reliability, low latency, and high levels of security. 

DNB’s high performing, secure, resilient 5G network enables Malaysia’s mobile network operators to consistently deliver high-quality and scalable services to enterprises.

A programmable 5G Standalone network at scale is critical to industries – ranging from manufacturing and healthcare to smart cities and transportation – being able to leverage AI and Machine Learning (ML)  to transform how they operate. These efficiency and productivity gains will allow them to build on the competitive advantage that comes from digitalization.

David Hägerbro, Head of Ericsson Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh said, “Enabling intent-based operations in the network unlocks differentiated connectivity with distinct network slices and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). This gives Malaysian enterprises the confidence to leverage a secure and robust network that is ready for 5G Advanced to digitalize their operations.

The FutureNet World award recognizes how DNB leveraged the Ericsson Operations Engine to adopt automation and data-driven processes to build the world’s first multi-operator core network (MOCN), which meets the needs of six communication service providers and ensures affordable 5G connectivity for Malaysia.

The use of automation such as intent based operations effectively manages the complexity of different MNO networks and has significantly increased network resilience and reduced operating costs. DNB and Ericsson have been collaborating on 5G Advanced initiatives that focus on enhancing the 5G experience and accelerating digital services for consumers, government and enterprises; including offering on-demand services.


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