Singtel rolls out virtual and AR studio to help brands advertise

  • Introduces TV broadcast capabilities and advertising enabled by AR technology
  • Brands can create interactive content to better engage pay TV audiences
Singtel rolls out virtual and AR studio to help brands advertise

SINGAPORE Telecommunications Ltd (Singtel) has announced the introduction of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology as part of its live television production capabilities.
This would offer brands the opportunity to create interactive content and better engage their pay TV audiences, Singtel said in a statement.
The first of its kind in Singapore, Singtel TV’s VR and AR technology also helps advertisers address the challenge of today’s viewers sidestepping traditional commercial breaks, it added.
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VR and AR technology allows virtual elements to appear as if they were real objects within the studio environment. The creation of virtual elements such as three-dimensional scoreboards, match statistics, team logos, player images and starting line-ups will enhance the overall viewer experience, particularly during sports programmes, Singtel said.
This technology can also be used to stylistically redesign the virtual background according to a particular theme or type of programme.
“Ad clutter and audience fragmentation mean that traditional TV ad buying needs to evolve. Our ad analytics will better segment the audience,” said Anthony Shiner, chief revenue officer at Singtel’s Group Digital Life arm.
“Together with VR and AR technology, brands can then create and tell segment-specific, editorially relevant stories, while ensuring that the content is not missed altogether.
Virtual advertising helps brands stay in the game

Singtel rolls out virtual and AR studio to help brands advertise

Virtual advertising can add to local and regional brands’ advertising campaigns, Singtel said.
“Feedback from local marketers shed light that TV commercials alone are insufficient in engaging pay TV audiences. Different screens and moments need to be used in tandem to build a whole picture of the brand,” said Vincent Sim, senior director of Marketing and Business Development at Singtel Advertising, the media platform under Group Digital Life (previously known as Group Digital L!fe).
“Recognising the demand for technology that enables multi-moment viewer engagement, Singtel Advertising introduced virtual advertising for an additional level of visual sophistication. This allows marketers to have their brand integrated into a TV programme.
“Virtual advertising complements traditional TV advertising, as well as digital and mobile, for second screening TV viewers.
“In a nutshell, virtual advertising is a new and effective tactic that marketers can include in their integrated end-to-end advertising campaign strategies,” he added.
“With VR and AR technology, branding is no longer limited to commercial breaks where messages can be lost or ignored,” said Julian Touhig, executive producer of Sports at Singtel TV.
“Virtual advertising ensures that branded content captures the attention of audiences when viewership is at its peak, so advertisers can literally ‘stay in the game.’ This is the future of sports advertising and sponsorship,” he added.
Customised brand content
VR and AR technology can also be used to create virtual product placements in TV shows.
For example, with a virtually-generated automotive placement, brands will no longer need to place an actual car in the studio. This reduces effort and costs, Singtel said.
In addition, a master copy of a sponsored programme can be produced, with virtual product placements added in the future. For companies advertising in other markets, the ads can be easily updated to be country specific, which will maximise ad spend, it added.
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