Local animation players receive grant from Epic Games

  • Grant funds to be used for development of “Billy Fei and the Cloud Trials”
  • Unreal engine animated series to be distributed by Bejuba! Entertainment

 Local animation players receive grant from Epic GamesMALAYSIAN-based animation studios Scribble Studios and Lil Critter Workshop have received an Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games.

The support provided by the Epic MegaGrant has enabled a co-development between the two Malaysian studios, with the fund being used to develop the upcoming sci-fi action-adventure CGI animated series “Billy Fei and the Cloud Trials.”

Launched in 2019, Epic MegaGrants is a US$100 million program to globally accelerate the work of talented teams and individuals working with Unreal Engine, 3D graphics tools, and open source software.

Billy Fei and the Cloud Trials is described as an action adventure series for ages 6+ with a runtime of 22 mins across 26 episodes. The series follows Billy, Bambin and Thoren, three mismatched heroes who are unexpectedly thrown together to compete in the Great Tournament.

The trio finds themselves in daring missions with exciting chase sequences, thrilling treasure hunts and peril-filled challenges that captivate the people of Euthenia every four years.

For the series, Lil Critter Workshop has engaged renowned comic writer and author Cavan Scott to assist with the scripting and story. Scott has previously worked extensively on popular franchises such as “Doctor Who”, “Adventure Time” and “Penguins of Madagascar,” among others.

Besides that, Scott is also one of the key collaborators of Lucasfilm’s new multimedia story-telling initiative, “Star Wars: The High Republic,” and is also the author of comics for Marvel, DC Comics, IDW and Dark Horse.

“I'm thrilled that Epic Games sees the potential in Billy Fei and the Cloud Trials. The Epic MegaGrant will help our team to explore and realise all the potential verticals for the intellectual property. Engaging Cavan Scott to assist with the expansion and scripting has been a fantastic collaborative experience,” Walid Omar, executive producer of Lil Critter Workshop, said in a statement.

“Focusing on an audience ages six to ten, the use of Unreal Engine opens up multi-platform possibilities for Billy Fei and the Cloud Trials.

Global executive production and distribution company Bejuba! Entertainment has been brought on to launch the property internationally.

“When Walid of Lil Critter first showed me the series and the aspirations of it, I was impressed. With the grant, and Cavan on board as writer, the series has expanded into a universe kids will want to be a part of. We’re excited to take it to market,” said Tatiana Kober, president of Bejuba! Entertainment.


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