eBay appoints Everpeaks Consulting as first Malaysian Channel Partner

  • 9,000 Malaysian sellers are on ebay, 77% sell outside Malaysia to the US, UK, Australia
  • Aim to educate and enable sellers to expand operations globally in a short time period


Everpeaks Consulting MD Joachim Sebastian (left) with Cross-border Business Development and Partnerships specialist at eBay Bryan Ong

EVERPEAKS Consulting has been appointed as the very first Malaysia-based Channel Partner for eBay, after having worked closely with eBay in onboarding and helping local SMEs sell their products on the marketplace.

Globally, eBay has 179 million active buyers with over one billion listings. Its reach extends beyond 190 countries and represents a significant opportunity for sellers to expand their customer database beyond Malaysia.

Currently, there are more than 9,000 Malaysian sellers on eBay, 77% of whom sell outside of Malaysia. The top destinations for eBay export sellers are the US (55%), Australia (27%) and the UK (18%).

In 2017, autoparts were the leading category for sales from Malaysian sellers to these countries while other high growth categories were baby, home improvement, business (office and industrial), health and beauty as well as toy products.

As to why it has taken this long for such a partnership despite eBay’s long-time local presence, the managing director of Everpeaks, Joachim Sebastian, explained: “The required legal and control measures needed for such a relationship between a local player and global brand took a significant amount of time to craft out.

“It took months of discussion and negotiation with the eBay regional team to reach a solid working agreement.”

The purpose of the partnership is to grow the cross-border ecosystem by onboarding and scaling up qualified new sellers through dedicated programmes.

A community of selected new eBay account holders will be created to educate and enable them to expand operations globally within a short period of time.

“We are looking to target high potential businesses and it spans the range of manpower sizes. Some are companies but most are really passionate individuals who run four- to five-man operations,” said Joachim.

While the programmes are open to sellers across all verticals, automative sellers are given priority. “This is because the automotive parts category is a proven high revenue high potential vertical that eBay is very strong in.”

As a Channel Partner, Everpeaks Consulting will have access to specialised growth initiatives, system tools and managed services to scale the managed clients beyond the normal growth cycle.

Everpeaks Consulting is working with eBay across three segments namely grassroot development, mid-tier companies and high-potential managed clients.

The first segment is offered for free, the second segment costs between US$49 to US$196 (RM200 to RM800) per person, and the third segment stands at US$857 (RM3,500) per month plus a percentage of sales.

The programme will commence in April 2019, where Everpeaks will be working with their pre-selected registrants to scale up their operations to sell on the eBay platform.

If you’d like to become a part of this programme or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Everpeaks Consulting at [email protected].


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