Author: Kiran Kaur Sidhu

UOB’s FinLab goes Online, helps SMEs prioritise for digitalisation
The Covid-19 pandemic has allowed UOB's FinLab programme to expand its reach with as many as 45% of SME participants prioritising digital marketing.
SushiVid sees great promise for influencer marketing
The new platform, ConfirmPlusChop, offers brands real-time engagement, instant reactions, inquiries, and feedback and brands only need pay when sales are generated.
Midlife Enterpriser: Reengineering mindsets of mid-aged professionals
The Basecamp programme is aimed at working professionals between 45 to 65 years of age to discover their inner ambition and give them a push-start for their business ventures.
Clean energy firm, Plus Solar, banks on software to get to next level
Led by engineering student who didn’t really like engineering Building IoT, AI solutions to solve remaining energy pain points
Malaysian POS provider, Sagtec raises US$257k via ECF
Its Speed+ branded Point of Sale solution aims to gain a foothold in the retail and F&B sector which makes up 58% of the open market.
Home cooking galore during MCO sparks birth of My Cooking Story
With more people cooking and enjoying meals at home, My Cooking Story hopes to add to the experience by offering affordable kitchenware and a close-knit social media community.
Edtech startup Youthopia and its outcome-based learning
Cofounder of Youthopia, Manu Menon, shares his plans for the platform and how its bite-sized learning modules promote the 4Cs – critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration
Robo advisor MYTHEO sees steady increase in investor base
Mytheo eliminates the nitty-gritty of investing by automatically creating, managing and rebalancing each investor’s portfolio through its app.
In the tough market of co-working spaces, WORQ believes it has what it takes
WORQ’s business model involves a three-way win by saving cost for its people, selling seats multiple times and increasing its profitability.
Winning startups at she1K’s Season 2 C-shark tank get US$367k in angel funds
The women angel investor network offers members a structured way to commit and invest in startups with three C-shark tank cycles a year.
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