Singapore’s Spuul selects IBM’s Aspera to speed big data transfer

  • Bollywood streaming service uses Aspera to expand library of HD films and TV shows
  • Tripled the daily volume of video content uploaded and processed from distribution partners
Singapore’s Spuul selects IBM’s Aspera to speed big data transfer

IBM said that Spuul, a Singapore-headquartered video streaming service for Indian films and TV shows, has deployed Aspera to quickly upload high-definition video content to its streaming portal.
By significantly reducing the time it takes to upload Bollywood films, TV shows and other licensed video, Spuul can expand its programming options and quickly deliver new content to its millions of worldwide subscribers, IBM said in a statement.

Spuul receives a wide variety of movies and TV shows from content and distribution partners across India and streams them to their customers’ mobile devices, PCs, connected TVs and game consoles.
The ability to quickly and securely deliver fresh video content is critical in the hyper-competitive digital streaming market, where consumers expect new content on a daily, if not hourly, basis and want to view it on their device of choice.
Hindered by slow upload times for big data – particularly for feature films that can exceed four gigabytes for a single file – Spuul needed a much faster way to expand its online content libraries with its content partners, IBM said.

With Aspera on Demand, Spuul immediately tripled the daily volume of video content uploaded and processed from its distribution partners from eight TV shows to 25 and now receives more than 40GB of new HD (high definition) video content each day, IBM claimed.
The patented Aspera technology makes it faster and easier for content distributors to upload HD videos through the Spuul platform.
Aspera overcomes performance bottlenecks inherent in today’s online networks to help clients like Spuul reduce the time it takes to securely transfer large files or data sets by up to 99.9%, regardless of distance, IBM claimed.
“Aspera was the only fast, secure and reliable way for Spuul and its content partners to deliver fresh programming content to meet our subscriber demands,” said Michael Smith, Spuul chief product officer.
“With Aspera, we can quickly expand our online library of TV shows and feature films without delay or bottlenecks, which will help us continue to grow our subscriber base and offer fresh compelling content on an ongoing basis,” he added.
Since its launch nearly two years ago, Spuul has been able to quickly expand its programming choices to nearly 1,000 Indian feature films and dozens of TV series in its current library.
As the company continues to expand its offerings, Aspera offers full scalability and a usage-based pricing model to meet new subscriber demand for Spuul’s programming, IBM said.

“No matter where content is created, where it lives, or how it is ultimately consumed, Aspera can help businesses move that content where it needs to go faster and more reliably than any other solution,” said Jay Migliaccio, director of Aspera.
“Our flexible approach is transforming businesses like Spuul and enabling them to operate successfully from anywhere in the world, connected by the power high-speed data transfer,” he added.

IBM recently used Aspera’s technology to launch the company’s ‘Made with IBM’ campaign, enabling the global production team to quickly share thousands of extremely large media files to support more than 50 launch commercials.
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