What happens when something happens to you?

  • Bereev, web based legacy planning platform launches beta with 1,000 accounts giveaway
  • Part of KNEO programme and WTF Accelerator, plans to offer freemium model

What happens when something happens to you?

BEREEV, a legacy planning platform is here to answer a very basic question. What is going to happen when something happens to you? Will your family know what to do? Do they know where to find your documents and information? Or have you said everything you want to say?

The platform is similar to TheKnot in the United States but instead of helping people plan for their weddings, Bereev helps them plan for the inevitable.

Most of us would prefer to sweep this under the carpet, citing how ‘pantang’ (taboo) it can be to broach the topic of life and death. However, there is a growing population who are taking the more pragmatic and logical approach. The truth is death is the only guaranteed thing in life, so would it not make more sense to prepare yourself and your loved ones for it?

This question lingered in the head of Bereev’s founder and CEO, Izumi Inoue after losing both of her grandparents in 2016 and 2017 respectively. The passing of Izumi’s late grandmother was a chaotic experience, it was the first death so close to home and when it happened, no one from the family knew what to do. In the week that followed, many difficult decisions had to be made. Decisions the grieving family was in no condition to make and that caused disagreements and conflicts to arise within the family.

A year later, Izumi had to bid goodbye to her grandfather. This time things were vastly different. Izumi’s late grandfather was diagnosed with stage 4 parotid cancer and he refused to receive any treatment, all he wanted was to spend his remaining days at home with his family. In his final days, he had very open and honest conversations about his last wishes, cleaned out his room and made all the necessary arrangements. When his time came, the experience was entirely different. It felt like a very smooth transition and the family could finally process their own feelings and properly grieve their loss.

“So it dawned upon me, what if everyone were to plan in advance just like how my late grandfather did? There should be a simple, guided and affordable platform out there to help us plan for something none of us can avoid,” says Izumi.

But, there wasn’t one as it turned out. Malaysians are still doing things the old-school way. The typical path is to start with writing a will and if you have extra cash, get insured. The whole process is still fragmented and there’s too many different moving parts. That’s where Bereev jumps in, acting as the glue that holds your entire plan together so that it’ll be much easier for your loved ones when your time comes.

Bereev is currently in beta phase and is only available on web. Upon its official launch, Bereev will run on the freemium model where users can choose to sign up for a free account or upgrade to a premium subscription called Bereev+. With Bereev, users can:

  • Plan for their eldercare preference and departure
  • Securely manage important documents and information (i.e.: will, insurance policy, medical records and etc.)
  • Leave behind last words and messages
  • Involve loved ones in planning progress

On top of this, user security and privacy is Bereev’s top priority and that is why the entire platform is fully encrypted (AES-256). This means that nobody will be able to view your information, not even the internal team. There will also be additional security measures such as two-factor authentication and regular security audits, led by Bereev’s leading security expert (ex-security specialist for Royal Bank of Scotland, CitiBank and Standard Chartered). You can learn more about how Bereev is protecting our users’ data and files, here.

Bereev recently joined hundreds of startups in applying for the Khazanah Nasional Entrepreneurship Programme (KNEO) and was selected as one of the 30 startups that made it to the final Acceleration Stage where it joined the cohort led by WTF Accelerator.

“The area Bereev addresses is not something everyone thinks about everyday but it is addressing a major issue in our complicated world today,” says WTF Accelerator co-founder Sam Shafie.

“During the KNEO programme, we found that the Bereev team was putting together a very powerful product and they deservingly made it to the final stage. We are happy to have them on board for the next three months and assist them in building a strong platform,” adds Sam.

The official launch for Bereev is planned for mid-April 2018 but users can now sign up for the beta program where the company is offering 1,000 free 1 year premium (Bereev+) subscriptions for users to explore the platform and provide their feedback.

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