Proficeo partners Everpeaks to give 100 micro SMEs year-end e-commerce sales boost

  • Target to increase year-end sales of online merchants by up to 50%
  • Selected merchants to receive insights to stand out in crowded market

Renuka Sena of Proficeo (left) and Joachim Sebastian of Everpeaks® aim to help 100 alumni of Proficeo increase their online sales during the bumper year-end period by between 30% to 50%.

Proficeo Consultants Sdn Bhd (Proficeo) with Evrpks Consulting Sdn Bhd (Everpeaks®), a Malaysian based omni-channel e-commerce solutions provider today announced a strategic partnership to help Malaysian MSMEs optimise their eCommerce sales. With an eye to the traditional year-end bumper sales that e-commerce merchants enjoy, the parties will jointly select 100 online sellers who can be supported to prepare for the year end sales rush.

Both Everpeaks® and Proficeo will roll out a series of activities over the next few weeks to select 100 Proficeo alumni and help them achieve 30% to 50% growth in sales by end December 2020. This partnership will be a tag team effort creating efficiencies from two similar principled entities with their own unique market footprint and access points.


Insight to standing out in a crowded online space

One major consequence of the global lockdowns to deal with the Covid-19 outbreak has been accelerated the adoption of e-commerce by brick and mortar retailers. 

Whilst this opened up new sales channels to many businesses, it has also increased competition online and this is one of the core reasons for the formation of this strategic partnership - to help businesses in Proficeo’s ecosystem to obtain deeper insights from Everpeaks on how to stand out in a crowded marketplace and increase visibility and sales.

 “To say that we are living in unprecedented times feels like an understatement. We have worked with micro-entrepreneurs and taught them how to embrace Social Commerce and we saw many double and even triple their sales but that was pre-MCO. Nowadays it's not just about being online but understanding the digital landscape and how to best optimise the various channels available,” says Renuka Sena, cofounder and CEO of Proficeo.

While some micro-entrepreneurs have lost 70% to 80% of their sales compared to 2019, many are now on the road to recovery which will take time to build back lost sales, Renuka notes. This was the impetus for the collaboration with Everpeaks®.

An alumni himself of the Proficeo programmes, Joachim Sebastian, founder and CEO of Everpeaks has been a mentor and coach for Proficeo as well. “When I mentioned that I wanted to do more for our alumni, Joachim immediately jumped in with some ideas. I am thrilled that this partnership with Everpeaks provides many avenues to help alumni regain some of their lost revenue. Joachim is a thought leader in e-commerce and Everpeaks has helped clients achieve unprecedented sales online,” says Renuka.

Joachim notes that there is no one size fits all strategy for venturing into an e-commerce environment and that even in e-commerce, certain categories have suffered while others thrived as some companies revamp their business models completely.

“The end of the year starting from 11/11 right through to Christmas is a period where e-commerce sellers make bumper sales. With Proficeo, we will jointly select 100 online merchants to help them prepare for this period,” says Sebastian

“It pays to have a partner you can trust who is a leader in their vertical. I have worked with Proficeo as a coach and mentor for more than three years and found them to be an organisation that truly has a heart to empower Malaysian entrepreneurs, ourselves included. We have seen firsthand the growth Proficeo has brought to the ecosystem. We believe that this partnership will be key to driving greater ecosystem impact especially in the digital economy of today.”

A boutique entrepreneur development company, Proficeo have developed unique training and coaching programmes for entrepreneurs since 2008 and to date have worked with over 1,000 MSMEs (micro SMEs). Proficeo’s programmes provide structure, tools and customised coaching support for entrepreneurs to grow sustainable and scalable businesses. Collectively, alumni from their programmes have achieved an impressive sales record of over US$710 million (RM2.918 billion) as at 2019.

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