CyberArk plugs gap across on-premise and cloud environments

  • Privileged accounts unprotected in the cloud due to immature defence strategies, says company
  • Claims its solution integrates with leading business, social media, IT and operational cloud solutions

CyberArk plugs gap across on-premise and cloud environmentsENTERPRISE security specialist CyberArk said it has extended the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution to all major public, private and hybrid cloud as well as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environments.
By integrating with leading business, social media, IT and operational cloud solutions, CyberArk empowers customers to discover, monitor and secure privileged accounts across the entire IT infrastructure, protecting the primary pathway of all advanced attacks, the company said in a statement.
While privileged accounts have been implicated in 100% of advanced cyber-attack breaches (according to the 2013 APT Privileged Account Exploitation report by CyberSheath), they largely go unprotected across cloud environments due to immature defence strategies around this critical security layer.

Hackers target these accounts because they provide the ‘keys to controlling the infrastructure’ – whether that is through the cloud, on-premises, or across industrial control systems. The scalable, fluid infrastructure inherent in cloud environments results in unique differences in how privileged accounts behave, CyberArk said.

Plugging this critical security gap, CyberArk’s new cloud capabilities enable full monitoring and control over all privileged and administrative credentials that are uniquely required to manage cloud environments and hosted images, the company claimed.
CyberArk also claimed it is the only provider with a full solution-set, including behavioural analytics, covering the entire spectrum of privilege, including out-of-the-box integration with SaaS applications, hypervisor management solutions, as well as supporting major cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.
“The cloud is fundamentally changing the nature of privileged account security,” said Roy Adar, vice president of product management at CyberArk.
“Server instances can be created instantaneously across multiple cloud environments, SaaS applications serve more critical functions, while infrastructure and privileged accounts are maintained in part by third-party vendors.
“Migrating to the cloud introduces complexity for enterprises to navigate, which is why CyberArk has gone to great lengths to create a single, streamlined approach to manage privilege from the data centre out to any cloud environment. No matter what environment an organisation uses, CyberArk has you covered,” he claimed.
Additionally, to combat the significant increase in users accessing key accounts across cloud environments, CyberArk Privileged Threat Analytics analyses all user behaviour and detects activates anomalous to typical behaviour.
Behaviour is analysed in real-time, creating alerts for unusual activity, for example a user accessing a credential at an unusual time of day.
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