VR Lab launches V-Prop Touch

  • Aims to shorten the process of buying property by connecting all parties via virtual reality
  • UEM Sunrise to use V-Prop Touch for its new property launching in 4Q17


VR Lab launches V-Prop Touch


BUYING property can be a lengthy process that can take months to complete. It’s not just about travelling to a show unit to see what it may potentially look like but you would also need to coordinate the meeting of buyers, sellers, bankers and even lawyers to see the transaction through.

Malaysian startup VR Lab is looking to shorten the process considerably by using its virtual reality (VR) solution called V-Prop Touch.

Described as a real-time online platform that leverages on VR, V-Prop Touch claims to connect property buyers and sellers around the globe in a virtual showroom of the property that is to be sold.

Utilising a HTC Vive to step into the virtual property, users would be able to fully immerse themselves in the property. They can freely “walk” to check out the dimensions of the various rooms while interacting with the property, checking out how it looks like at different times of the day or instantly changing the flooring from wood to tile.

Apart from being able to experience the property for themselves, VR Lab says that V-Prop Touch has built-in solutions that allow users to actually buy a property within virtual reality itself.

By facilitating the meeting between the buyer, property developer, lawyer and banker all at once in VR, V-Prop Touch is said to enable a user to complete a property transaction within 30 minutes of using the solution.

There are some remarkable features in VR that can’t be matched by a real-life showroom and VR Lab is betting on these to attract the interest of property developers.

According to VR Lab, UEM Sunrise is the first property developer in Malaysia to deploy its VR property solution and plans to use it for the launching of Solaris Parq in the fourth quarter of 2017.


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