DNA Video: Sony Smartwatch 3, new Android Wear features

DNA Video: Sony Smartwatch 3, new Android Wear features

GOOGLE Inc’s recent update to Android Wear to 5.1.1, which began rolling out to all smartwatches in late May, brought about a number of new features that have given the platform a bit of a boost.
One of those new features is support for more than one Android Wear smartwatch, which means that you could own two (or more) Android Wear devices and both can be synchronised with your smartphone at the same time.
This may seem like overkill, but since watches are also a fashion accessory, it’s not inconceivable that consumers may actually have two or more Android Wear smartwatches to use on different occasions.
The other interesting feature is the ability to draw emoji on your watch, when you can’t call back, or to speak into the watch to reply to a message. Google claims it will support hundreds of emojis and it will recognise your doodle, convert that into an emoji, and send it off through your WhatsApp or text message.
The other significant upgrade is the ability to use the built-in WiFi chips in some of the watches, like the Sony Smartwatch 3, Moto360 or Asus Zenwatch.

Previously the hardware was included but the software didn’t utilise it.  With the update, you can use the wearable without it being connected to the smartphone, and it would still download your messages as long as it is connected to a known WiFi network.
Getting that to work however requires you to make a slight tweak on your smartphone. On the Android Wear companion app, tap the gear icon on top right (it’s the Settings icon) and on the next screen, tap on ‘Cloud sync.’  Turn the switch on and tap ‘Agree.’ This will now enable the WiFi chip on the watch.
If you’re still wondering if you should invest in a smartwatch, we don’t blame you. It’s not something that everyone would desperately need – but do check out our DNA Test of the Sony Smartwatch 3 Steel edition, which is one of the better looking Android-based smartwatches out there. You can also watch our updated video review here or click on the video below.

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