DiGi launches new M2M platform, current customers automatically upgraded

  • Customers automatically enjoy new capabilities and features, company says of new platform
  • Promises better savings, improved efficiencies; allows users to explore new revenue streams
DiGi launches new M2M platform, current customers automatically upgraded

MOBILE operator DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd has launched its latest machine-to-machine (M2M) platform with advanced connected service capabilities that would enable companies from various industries to benefit from better cost savings, improve efficiencies and explore new revenue streams.
With the new functionalities, customers now have real-time access to the new M2M platform, and the freedom to control and manage their devices, applications and network, DiGi said in a statement.
The platform connects machines and devices wirelessly to the internet, turning them into intelligent assets that open up possibilities for how businesses are run. The M2M SIM cards which are integrated into devices as a sensor, receives and transmits data to a central server connection at any time via the M2M service platform.
These connected machines are monitored in real-time with software that records all performances and operational data, allowing an immediate overview and analysis of the machine or device’s operating status.
If an error occurs, the system automatically sends out an alarm to the respective departments so that immediate action can be taken, DiGi said.
“Our new M2M platform enables businesses to perform better and makes the world smarter,” said DiGi chief marketing officer Albern Murty.
“When machines communicate, people get better at what they do and this translates to improve efficiencies and growth for the business,” he said at the launch.
Customers who subscribe to DiGi’s M2M service will automatically be upgraded to this new platform and enjoy all the capabilities that come with it for free. Interested businesses can contact [email protected].
“Connected services open up a world of possibilities. For businesses in the logistics and transport sector, packages are now able to communicate their location, allowing real-time parcel tracking,” said Albern.
“The same M2M application allows public to have real-time updates on the estimated time of arrival for their train or bus. In retail, M2M provides better point-of-sale data, and improves shopping experiences through location-based services.
“For the healthcare industry, M2M devices worn by patients enable real-time monitoring of important medical information or dispensing of medication,” he added.
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