Six ways to make video-conferences click for you

  • How to contribute to the discussion, and allow others to do so too
  • Don’t waste what could have been a great opportunity to collaborate

Six ways to make video-conferences click for youTHE benefits of using video-conferencing solutions from an organisational perspective are very clear – they help businesses achieve their targets while being cost efficient.
While these bottom-lines and costs may not directly concern you as an end-user, video-conferences can actually work to your advantage and help you accomplish tasks – if you know how to do them right.
To help you realise how prevalent video-conferences are in a business setting, a recent Research and Markets study reports that the global video-conferencing market is expected to reach US$6.4 billion by 2020.
Asia Pacific also sees a similar trend. A Redshift Research survey shows that countries in the region are among the world’s top video-conference users, with 66% of respondents saying that they engage in video calls at least once a week, compared to EMEA (Europe/ Middle East/ Africa) at 53% and the United States at 49%.
While video meetings are now common in the workplace, the study by Redshift Research indicates that employees are not doing video-conferencing the way it should be done.
Respondents said that the most distracting things that should be avoided during video calls are not putting mobile phones on silent (58%), attending from inappropriate places like public transit (52%), and doing unrelated tasks (51%).
While it’s tempting to join video meetings in a way that’s convenient for you, doing so affects not only your ability to contribute to the discussion, but also those of the other attendees.
This wastes what could have been a great opportunity to collaborate. To make sure your next video-conferences will be productive, here are some tips:
1) Be prepared
Like other meetings, preparation is key to a successful video-conference. If you’re the one leading it, make sure everyone has the agenda and any other information beforehand, including the link to the video meeting.
Make your location conducive for a video-conference and eliminate possible distractions, such as too much light coming in from a window or noise from the other conference room.
If you’re joining from home, give the impression that you’re actually working – turn off the TV and get a spot that will give you some privacy.
Don’t forget to tidy up that part of your home to make it presentable.

Six ways to make video-conferences click for you

2) Be early and test the application
This is important especially if you’re using an application you’ve never used before. Get to know the platform and its features at least 15 minutes prior to the video-conference.
If you’re presenting, check out the buttons you need to use.
Take the time to check your microphone and camera settings as well. Nothing is worse than not being able to get an important message across because your audio is unclear.
 Also consider the positioning of your camera – adjust it accordingly and preview your own image. Make sure it’s eye-level as some camera angles can be distracting and unflattering.
3) Join the video-conference, then mute your mic
Once you’re on the video meeting and have greeted all the other participants, mute your line – even if you’re alone in the room. You don’t want your background noise to muddle with the audio and annoy those in the video call.
However, be mindful when you’re on mute. Make sure that your microphone is turned on before you say something. Knowing where the mute button also comes in handy so you can quickly unmute whenever you have to talk.
4) Speak clearly but don’t shout
To ensure that everyone on the video conference understands what you say, speak naturally and enunciate each word. If someone can’t hear you, adjust the level of the microphone and make sure it’s not covered.
Never shout. Yelling will make other participants turn down their volume, possibly missing essential information.
To help ensure you have a clear audio, use headset or earphones – this can drastically reduce echoing and background noise, and can make your voice sound crisper.

Six ways to make video-conferences click for you

5) Make yourself presentable
Although it’s a video-conference, bear in mind that you’re still going to attend a meeting. Wear clean, professional clothing and dress as if you’re having a face-to-face meeting, even if you’re working from home.
6) Focus
Doing other tasks during video meetings is a big no-no. This includes engaging in conversations with people not in the meeting. As a parameter, if you wouldn’t do it in a face-to-face meeting, then you shouldn’t do it in a video-conference as well.
It’s a real meeting
Allowing users to communicate real-time and discuss complicated matters easily, a video-conference is actually a great alternative to a face-to-face meeting, especially when time and money are scarce.
It works just like any other in-person meeting so make the most out of it – know how to conduct yourself properly and get your message across.
Shaun Wormald is senior director of Unified Communications at InterCall Asia Pacific.
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