Thailand’s Beyond Esports wins US$4,816 cash prize in TECS 2019: CS GO

  • The Pantheon Group plans to develop and nurture the e-sports industry in Malaysia
  • Aims to design and build an e-sports arena with the best facilities and environment


Members of beyond Esports from Thailand with The Pantheon Group MD Franky How (2nd left); Phidisk founder & chairman Kendrick Hung (3rd left); and Penang State Executive Council for Youth and Sports Soon Lip Chee (centre)

THE best and brightest in e-sports in Southeast Asia gathered at The Top, Komtar in Penang to battle it out at the finale of ‘The Elite Championship Series 2019 (TECS) – Counter Strike: Go Offensive (CS: GO)’.

Competing against AOES from Singapore, Beyond Esports from Thailand triumphed by winning two sets in the finale to bring home the trophy and US$4,816 (RM20,000) in cash. Malaysia’ FrostFire managed to make it into the semi-finals, winning a US$1,445 (RM6,000) cash prize.

In conjunction with the finale, tournament organiser The Pantheon Group, shared its plans to develop and nurture the e-sports industry in Malaysia.

The Pantheon Group managing director Franky How, said that the group intends to develop the capability of e-sports athletes and the businesses in Malaysia to compete at the global level.

“Our plans include organising and hosting tournament events for all levels of e-sports athletes -- pro players, semi-pro players and amateur players. We are in the midst of expanding our presence in Malaysia. Part of it includes designing and building the appropriate e-sports arena that aims to provide the best facilities and environment to athletes to learn and train,” said How.

The Pantheon Group’s first e-sports centre is located at One City in Subang Jaya, Selangor. Sprawling over 10,000 square-meter, it is Malaysia’s first and only NVIDIA certified Platinum GeForce GTX iCafe, and offers individual and team gaming services and facilities like Virtuix Omni, racing simulator, VR and AR.

The arena is also equipped with a 123-seater auditorium where gamers and spectators in Malaysia can catch worldwide live-streaming tournaments at 360-degrees.

Phidisk Sdn Bhd founder and chairman Kendrick Hung, said that co-organising TECS with The Pantheon Group was in line with the nation’s initiative to groom new talents to become champions in e-sports and to promote Penang Island to international gamers.

TECS 2019 – CS: GO was co-organised by The Pantheon Group and Phidisk. The tournament was made possible thanks to the support by the Penang Youth Development Corporation (PYDC), Penang State Government, Predator, Thermaltake and Zowie.

A total of 64 local and international teams participated in the multi-player first-person shooter game during the two-day tournament.

Full List of TECS 2019 – CS: GO Participants & Winners

Champion: Beyond Esports from Thailand: Trophy and RM20,000 cash prize

  • Tosapol ‘TOR’ Saekow, age 25
  • Warittorn ‘RoLEX’ Kalanukan, age 19
  • Kitsada ‘bnwGiggs’ Pookamroong, age 22
  • Chanawin ‘JohnOlsen’ Nakchain, age 21
  • Pakorn ‘veta’ Treeonarit, age 25

First Runner-Up: Academy of Esports (AOES) from Singapore: RM10,000 cash prize

  • Arthur ‘Archa1c’ Littlewood, age 20
  • Lionel ‘LenNe’ Lim, age 19
  • Marcus ‘nephh’ Tan, age 16
  • Jackie ‘calel’ Ee, age 20
  • Jorell ‘Retla’ Teo, age 17

Semi-Finalists: RM6,000 cash prize each

FrostFire from Malaysia

  • Aiman ‘aimaNNN’ Azham, age 26
  • Ashraf ‘acAp’ Firdaus, age 25
  • Shamir ‘Subbey’ Zaman, age 21
  • Mohd ‘Avirity’ Asrad, age 21
  • Affiq ‘Nutr1xNTC’ Affendy, age 20

D13 from Mongolia

  • Telmen Batzorig, age 25
  • Munkhtamir Ganbaatar, age 25
  • Shinbold Nergui, age 20
  • Boldbaatar Tengis, age 16
  • Enkhmanlai Batbayar, age 30

Quarter Finalists: RM2,000 cash prize each

Virtual Genesis Anthrax from Malaysia

  • Kenny Lock Seng Loong, age 24
  • Pradeep Naga, age 24
  • Muhammad Adam, age 18
  • Azizi Jalil, age 21
  • Jerald Ooi, age 18

5 Monkeys from Malaysia

  • Vijay Gunasakaran, age 19
  • Hazreel Mazan, age unknown
  • Mohd Syazwan Hanafie, age 27
  • Uddin Mokhti, age 23
  • Azim Shaharudin, age 28

MiSG from Singapore

  • Ryan Tan, age 17
  • Jun Hao Xavier, age 19
  • Abigail Kong, age 17
  • Yeow Zhen Feng, age 19
  • Yeow Chun Ting, age 18

Ninjustice Esports from Malaysia

  • Muhd Hamzah, age 22
  • Muhd Tarmizi, age 19
  • Isa Nuruddin, age 20
  • Arsyad Sazali, age 15
  • Mohd Hamirul, age 27

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