T-Systems launches Healthcare Competency Centre in Singapore

  • Offers healthcare providers with demonstrations and use cases of SAP solutions
  • Serves Institut Jantung Negara in Malaysia; Mitra Keluarga and EKA hospitals in Indonesia


T-Systems launches Healthcare Competency Centre in Singapore


T-SYSTEMS, a provider and systems integrator of healthcare ICT solutions, has announced the launch of its Healthcare Competency Centre (HCC) in Singapore. Aimed to showcase the latest SAP solutions and the various ways in which customers and patients will benefit from them, the HCC hopes to inspire customers on the various possibilities that ICT solutions can benefit healthcare providers.

The HCC helps healthcare providers ride the emerging technology revolution to improve patient outcomes and at the same time achieve cost efficiency.

With each country in Southeast Asia facing endless challenges on multiple fronts – whether that is the aging population issue, or long-term management and care of non-communicable diseases like heart disease and diabetes – the HCC demonstrates how ICT solutions can sufficiently address the healthcare needs of the region, tailored for healthcare and localized for different countries.

Located at T-Systems’ office in Singapore, the HCC offers healthcare providers with demonstrations and use cases of SAP solutions, coupled with emerging technology.

These include leveraging on best practices established among T-Systems’ existing customers to help broaden industry perspective on how to apply proven healthcare technology solutions more effectively, understand the feasibility of ICT applications and discover new ways of doing business.

Customers will be able to test-drive these applications with their own data – effectively providing them with all the benefits of a proof of concept, and to experiment with how a full implementation would work, without the need to disrupt their own business processes.

T-Systems has extensive experience in the healthcare industry, a long-standing collaborating ecosystem with SAP, and a proven track record in implementing best-in-class integrations. Customers at the HCC will be able to draw on this expertise to extract the value out of their investment in SAP’s solutions.

T-Systems already works closely with several customers in the Singapore healthcare sector, both in the private and public sector, including IHiS, the Agency for Integrated Care, Raffles Medical Group and St Andrew’s Community Hospital.

Beyond Singapore, T-Systems also serves Institut Jantung Negara in Malaysia and Mitra Keluarga and EKA hospitals in Indonesia.

For its Indonesian customers, T-Systems has performed services which have been localised to suit market needs, including insurance pricing and interface, outpatient pharmacy management, and specialist use cases such as the ability to programme withholding tax on doctors’ fees for billing based on local regulations.

In these cases, T-Systems’ deep understanding and experience of healthcare requirements; and its ability to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions that exceeded customer expectations provided stakeholders with faster and more efficient healthcare applications and processes.

For more specific use cases, the HCC provides healthcare providers with a digital ‘sand-box’ to explore solutions in isolation from their production data.

This provides customers with the opportunity to carry out stress-testing, “what-if” analysis, and configuration testing for new sites, all under the guidance of T-Systems’ subject matter experts (SMEs).

Customers are also able to systematically measure improvements, such as time saved through process redesign. Devices such as tablets and wearables at the HCC are equipped with SAP solutions that can also be customised as per customers’ needs.

“Our focus on being customer-centric has meant that we’ve developed a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry. We are able to meet the ICT needs of the customers in the industry as we take considerable time to understand their specific needs, the challenges they face, and tailor expert advice accordingly,” said T-Systems Asia South managing director Arkadiusz Czopor.

“With the HCC, we are now also able to guide customers first-hand through new possibilities in healthcare innovation -- in many cases with their own data -- to show how they can achieve better outcomes. These include helping them move to the cutting edge of digital healthcare, from assisting patient diagnoses with machine learning, to using IoT in patient recovery plans,” he added.

SAP Singapore managing director Khor Chern Chuen, commented, “Our partnership with T-Systems combines the strength of their expertise together with our technology solutions in a one-stop centre for the benefit of the healthcare industry. SAP’s track record in serving healthcare and healthcare customers will help others take the first steps on their transformation journeys, or explore more advanced use cases no matter where they are in their ICT adoption journeys”.

Going forward, through partnerships with professional consulting firms, T-Systems aims to develop industry templates for IoT, billing and insurance at the HCC.


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