NEXEA organizes Entrepreneurs Summit on 17 Oct in Kuala Lumpur, targeting 1000 startup enthusiasts

  • Summit will feature an array of speakers who are industry pioneers, visionaries
  • Seeks to elevate environment for ideas, collaboration & strategic partnerships

NEXEA organizes Entrepreneurs Summit on 17 Oct in Kuala Lumpur, targeting 1000 startup enthusiasts

NEXEA has announced that it is organising the fourth Entrepreneurs Summit to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit and drive innovation, collaboration, and growth in Malaysia on October 17 at Menara Affin in TRX.

In a statement, the Malaysian venture capital and startup accelerator firm said the summit marks a pivotal moment of transformation for startup entrepreneurs, investors, governments, and corporations alike. Building on the success of previous summits, Entrepreneurs Summit IV aims to raise the bar even higher by fostering an environment that encourages groundbreaking ideas, collaboration, and the forging of strategic partnerships.

The summit anticipates the presence of approximately 1,000 target attendees, including roughly 500 tech entrepreneurs, Nexea added.

According to the firm, Entrepreneurs Summit IV is set to feature an array of speakers who are industry pioneers and visionaries. Renowned individuals such as Rafizi Ramli, the minister of Economy, Bryan Loo from Tealive, and Nizam from MDV will grace the event, sharing their invaluable insights. Joining them on stage will be Boon Kim San from Affin and Fabian Bigar from MyDigital, along with Neelofa and Izzairi from The Noor, adding an exciting blend of expertise and innovation to the summit.

NEXEA organizes Entrepreneurs Summit on 17 Oct in Kuala Lumpur, targeting 1000 startup enthusiastsBen Lim (pic), CEO and founder of Nexea, said, “With a focus on embracing the future, this year's Entrepreneurs Summit IV will delve into key themes such as entrepreneur risks, expansion and conquest, transition to maturity, and startups' valley of death. Attendees can expect engaging sessions, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking opportunities designed to stimulate creative thinking, share valuable insights, and unlock new possibilities.”

Entrepreneurs Summit IV key speakers include:

1. Rafizi Ramli - Minister of Economy.

2. Bryan Loo - Founder & CEO of Loob Holding (Tealive & Bask Bear Coffee).

3. Mohd Izzairi Yamin & Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor – Founders of The Noor.

4. Fabian Bigar - CEO of MyDigital Corporation.

5. Nizam Mohamed Nadzri - CEO of Malaysia Debt Ventures Bhd.

6. Boon Kim San – Head of Digital Business and Innovation of Affin Bank.

7. Johary Mustapha, Founder & CEO of FOrest Interactive.

'Entrepreneurs Summit is a transformative gathering that fuels the entrepreneurial spirit, connecting visionaries, igniting innovation, and empowering individuals to turn their ideas into successful ventures. With its dynamic ecosystem of industry leaders, investors, and innovators, Entrepreneurs Summit is where dreams take flight, and new possibilities unfold,' Rafizi Ramli, minister of Economy, said.

Meanwhile, president & group CEO of Affin Bank, Wan Razly Abdullah, said, 'We are proud to be a partner for Entrepreneurs Summit IV. The summit serves as an immersive platform where entrepreneurs, especially startups, can connect with like-minded partners within the ecosystem, leveraging their collective expertise. At Affin, our commitment extends beyond banking as we continue to play a crucial role in creating a lasting impact in the entrepreneurial community.'

Noor Neelofa said, 'The Entrepreneurs Summit brings together corporates and investors and is a valuable opportunity for networking, discovering innovation, fostering partnerships, and gaining insights into market trends. It creates a dynamic environment where established companies and investors can engage with startups to explore mutually beneficial collaborations and investments.'

'When startups, corporates, government agencies, and investors come together, innovation thrives, opportunities are seized, and the next tech giants will emerge,' said Fabian.

Entrepreneurs Summit IV is co-organised by MyDigital Corporation.

For more information and tickets, please visit

A panel from last year's Entrepreneurs Summit in KL.Discussing Corporate Venture investing at the 2022 Entrepreneurs Summit.


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