Historical Penang Free School enters Web3 world with blockchain-powered certs in partnership with Crypken

  • Ushers in more secure, student-centric approach to credentialing
  • PFS sets a precedent for other educational institutions to follow suit

Devadas Ravinathan, CEO of Crypken (left) with Syed Sultan, Principal of Penang Free School.

Southeast Asia’s oldest English-medium school, Penang Free School (PFS) has entered into a strategic partnership with Crypken Sdn Bhd, a Web3 company, to introduce blockchain-powered certificates for its students. This pioneering collaboration is a significant step forward in the Malaysian education sector, ushering in a more secure, transparent, and student-centric approach to credentialing.

PFS's decision to embrace Crypken's Signature, a blockchain-powered certificate issuance platform, positions the school as the first educational institution in Malaysia to integrate this technology. The move ensures students not only receive traditional hard copies of their certificates but also tamper-proof digital credentials that are easily verifiable and accessible online.

Beyond enhanced security, other advantages of blockchain-powered certificates include allowing students to seamlessly share their credentials with employers, universities, and other stakeholders with a single click, simplifying the verification process.

“Penang Free School is excited to be at the forefront of this innovative approach to certification," said Syed Sultan, the principal. "Our partnership with Crypken empowers our students with the secure and verifiable credentials they need to succeed in today's dynamic world. This collaboration aligns with our unwavering commitment to providing students with a future-proof education that equips them for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century."

“Crypken is delighted to collaborate with Penang Free School in this pioneering endeavor," said Devadas Ravinathan, CEO of Crypken which delivers blockchain and metaverse solutions to empower businesses and organizations. "We firmly believe that blockchain technology holds the key to transforming the education sector, and we are immensely proud to stand alongside PFS in their unwavering commitment to furnishing students with the utmost in secure, transparent, and verifiable credentials."

The collaboration between PFS and Crypken represents a commitment to empowering students with secure, dynamic, and globally recognized credentials. In embracing blockchain technology, PFS sets a precedent for other educational institutions to follow in the pursuit of a more secure, transparent, and technologically advanced education landscape.


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