MDX 2023 as a platform to showcase Malaysian tech capabilities

  • MDEC aims to be spark to help the world discover capabilities of its companies
  • 6-week event allows for many conversations to happen around specialised events

MDX 2023 as a platform to showcase Malaysian tech capabilities

Can a six-week long series of technology events in Malaysia, culminating in a three-day grand finale from Mon, 6th Nov to Wed, 8th Nov help move the needle in Malaysia’s digital ambitions? Certainly the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) thinks so.

As the primary mover of the Malaysia Digital Expo 2023 (MDX 2023), MDC has put together the ambitious and never attempted before event as a platform to showcase the best and most innovative companies in Malaysia to the world. The ambition is to demonstrate that the country’s tech ecosystem is ready to go to the next level and are able partners to act as the gateway for foreign companies looking to expand into Southeast Asia and beyond.

MDX 2023 as a platform to showcase Malaysian tech capabilitiesBut first MDEC CEO, Mahadhir Aziz (pic) reassures us that the ambitious 6-week long MDX 2023 has not been a drain on MDECs resources or a distraction. “Only around 10% of our staff have been involved in this and actually, if you have been following MDX 2023, you will realise that what we have done is to support mainly existing events that are organised by other parties.”

Only the Grand Finale from tomorrow, is created by MDEC.

Indeed, MDEC has a long history of supporting tech events in both the Klang Valley and other major cities. And while MDEC has continued to do that this year, creating MDX 2023 is its attempt to take things to the next level by bringing the “the world here,” said Mahadhir. “Someone has to be the spark,” he adds.

The Malaysian government has big expectations of the impact its transition to a digital savvy nation will have in terms of the increased competitiveness of its companies and the rising attractiveness of the country as a source of high value foreign direct investment (FDI). Both are ultimately expected to translate into the country becoming a high-income nation.

Hence you have the government aiming to be ‘The Heart of Digital ASEAN’ and with its Minister of Communications and Digital, Fahmi Fadzil, expressing the ambition for Malaysia to be an Asian Digital Tiger even.

While various government agencies are working to make this happen, a disproportionate responsibility lies on the back of MDEC), an agency created back in 1996 to help drive Malaysia’s digital economy ambitions which at that time was expressed through the Multimedia Super Corridor Vision.

Today, it is about growing into an economy that is as efficient and competitive as possible, leveraging on digital. Achieving this will depend in large part on Malaysian startups such as Meraque, Storehub, Carsome, and established homegrown technology companies such as Basis Bay, Fusionex, SecureMetric, Aerodyne and others, playing a key role as well in driving digital competitiveness.

Technology aside, there is also the soft side that needs to be strengthened and working on improving this is another reason for MDX 2023. “We are still not telling our stories right,” said Mahadhir, highlighting an often-cited weakness of Malaysian tech companies to tell their story right, tell it well and in a compelling manner to the world.

MDEC does its part by regularly taking part in important tech events around the world, often sponsoring a Malaysian pavilion and inviting promising companies to participate to expose their capabilities and expand their network of partners, markets and collaborators.

“But there are only so many companies we can take with us,” said Mahadhir. Hence the introduction of MDX 2023 that will be an annual event that keeps learning and improving on its ability to attract a global audience to Malaysia throughout the 6-week event.

“This allows for many conversations to happen around specialised events and for participation to be spread as well,” said Mahadhir of MDX 2023 that started on 27 Sept with the annual Malaysia Digital Content Festival with Smart City, AI, Big Data and Analytics, Innovation, Digital Nomad and G2G tech events as well.

With Fusionex as the Diamond Sponsor, the three day finale will be officiated by Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim and will focus on various tech trends and how businesses are adopting technology to give them an edge over the competition.

To give MDX an edge over other established tech events already happening in Southeast Asia, Mahadhir says there is a plan to bring in a global event to be part of MDX 2024. “We will build on this year’s momentum,” he said.


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