Malaysian PM’s Office outdoes Singaporean counterparts … in website speed at least

  • Website for PMO records fastest response as benchmarked by Dynatrace APM
  • New free service helps portals analyse and improve user experience
Malaysian PM’s Office outdoes Singaporean counterparts … in website speed at least

DYNATRACE (formerly Compuware APM), which specialises in user-centric application performance management (APM), has unveiled the Malaysian Government Performance Benchmark Data, which reveals that the Malaysian Prime Minister's Office (PMO) portal responded the fastest when compared to other government portals in Singapore and Malaysia.
Dynatrace APM tracked a speedy response rate of 1.37 seconds when accessing the PMO portal on Mozilla Firefox, and 1.39 seconds on Internet Explorer, the company said in a statement.
The benchmarks also revealed that on average, Malaysian government agencies recorded a response time of 7.1 seconds when their portals were accessed via Internet Explorer.
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The Global Benchmarks Data is a comprehensive source for industry-based comparative mobile and website performance measurements, Dynatrace said.
Monitored and measured by Dynatrace’s APM solution, it displays the mobile and website performance details of various agencies in 25 industries from 27 countries around the world.
“It is important to benchmark your site performance to ensure acceptable levels of response times,” said Koh Eng Kiong, Asean regional director at Dynatrace.
“Having a slow or non-responsive portal can result in elevated user frustration levels and this can have a profound negative impact on an organisation or business reputation.
“With clear visibility into the actual performance of site(s) from the end-user’s perspective, professionals and key decision-makers can prioritise their resources and investments according to the root causes of the slow web performance.
“This then translates into better return on investments and better cost efficiency,” he added.
Dynatrace said it recently conducted a survey at the FutureGov 2014 expo. Out of the 100 Malaysian companies that responded, 85% of respondents expected their web and mobile sites to respond below five seconds.
However, only 16% felt that their monitoring solution was delivering comprehensive and satisfactory reports for future improvements.
Dynatrace APM hopes to plug this gap with a new online service Performance Test that provides web and mobile response times for various industries, giving decision makers accurate benchmarks as indicators for further improvements.
To generate a performance report, web and mobile site owners just need to enter their web URL, choose a location to measure from and an industry to compare to at Dynatrace’s Performance Test web page.

Malaysian PM’s Office outdoes Singaporean counterparts … in website speed at least

“For the first time ever, organisations can see how their digital performance ranks against the best in their industry and learn where their site aligns or deviates from the best practices of top performers,” said Koh.
“We know that applications are the life blood of businesses today, which is why I’m excited that we can now provide business leaders the power to quickly assess their most critical applications. Better yet, it’s fast, simple and free,” he added.
Performance Test features include:

  • Report Card: Not only does the report card show performance results, but it also ranks a company’s site against their peers. The Performance Test performs a mobile phone and desktop browser visit to a company’s URL from one of Dynatrace’s thousands of testing locations, collect in-depth performance data and prepare a custom performance analysis. The analysis includes a high-level summary, which compares response time and page size for mobile and web user experiences against the top competitors in their industry.
  • Response Time Industry Comparison: Shows where a site ranks against all companies in the benchmark. Organisations can see where they and their competitors stack up for mobile and web.
  • Content Analysis: Shows important metrics for both mobile and web compared to the best and worst response time performers, making it easy to see optimisation opportunities. The metrics measured include: 1) The number of hosts the site connects to; 2) The number of connections it makes; 3) The number of requests for content; and 4) The number of bytes retrieved and compares them all to competitors. 
  • Response Time Breakdown: Offers a ‘waterfall’ chart that provides a timeline view of a site’s response time and the performance of each interaction a browser has with the site. The Response Time Breakdown can help pinpoint performance problems to specific pieces of content or particular servers or networks.

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