Introducing Nadi Digital Economy Malaysia

  • Weekly 15-min analysis of key stories in Malaysia’s Digital Economy
  • DNA editors, with over 55 years of combined tech journalism, will pick 4-5 stories

Introducing Nadi Digital Economy Malaysia

If you looked at DNA’s logo, you will have noticed our tagline that promises to be “Your Eye On The Tech Ecosystem”. This means we cannot just report on issues but also need to offer our opinions on the implications and impact of the various stories that concern Malaysia’s Digital Economy.

We believe no media covering tech in Malaysia is better equipped to, nor more credible to offer such opinions or analysis. After all between the three DNA founders, we have over 55 years covering tech news. So, if not us, who?

And this is the motivation for us introducing our Nadi Digital Economy Malaysia (inaugural episode below), which will be a weekly video show where, every Saturday evening, DNA editors will offer some quick comments and analysis on four to five articles that ran, not just on DNA, but from all the English and even Bahasa Malaysia media in that week.


Our Malaysia readers will understand that Nadi is the national language, Bahasa Malaysia, term for “pulse”. And that is what we aim to deliver with the show. To offer, viewers a quick update of some of the key stories DNA feels happened that week in Malaysia’s Digital Economy. There is already a lot happening on a weekly basis, and there will be a lot more once Fabian Bigar, CEO of MyDigital, the national Digital Economy Blueprint settles in and gets his team in place to start executing and collaborating on delivering the goals of MyDigital.  

We are not arrogant enough to feel that only our own stories merit being the key stories of the week. That is why we will also scan the news for stories covered by other media and will highlight them as our picks with our analysis as well.

Fifteen minutes is more than enough time to quickly cover the four to five articles as anything more will likely not attract viewers, unless they are really interested in Malaysian tech developments. But we want to reach a broader audience, even those that are mildly interested in Malaysia’s digital economy.

Unlike Tech Talk Fri that DNA jointly hosts with Leaderonomics, this show will not have any guests, and precisely because we want to keep the time length tight. Those who want to comment, are free to do so on LinkedIn and Facebook and that is where we will engage with you.

Please reach out to me with feedback and comments and I hope you will find value in Nadi Digital Economy Malaysia.

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