Internet Centre uplifts communities across Malaysia

  • Provides  Internet facilities  to  underserved  areas;  inculcates  computer-based  skills
  • Membership currently exceeds 590,000 people, 57% of whom are students


Internet Centre uplifts communities across Malaysia


PUSAT  Internet  or  Internet  Centre  is  an  initiative  under  the  Malaysian Communications  and  Multimedia  Commission  (MCMC)  to  provide  Internet facilities  to  underserved  areas  as  well  as  to  inculcate  computer-based  skills and  know-how  that  have  become  an  indispensable  attribute  for  everyone  in this  day  and  age.  Currently,  there  are  currently  870  Internet  centres  all  over the country.

The  response  from  local  communities  to  the  facilities  and  programmes provided  at  the  Internet  Centres  have  been  very  encouraging,  with membership exceeding 590,000 people, 57% of whom are students.

Many  other  initiatives  that  focuses  on  entrepreneurship  have  also  been carried  out  by  MCMC,  including  to  promote  local  products  to  a  larger  market.

Through  the  Internet,  local  entrepreneurs  have  been  able  to  run  their businesses  online,  thereby  increasing  their  income  and  at  the  same  time, growing  demand  for  their  products.  On  average,  the  entrepreneurs  have enjoyed  more  than  60%  increase  in  income,  and  to  date,  16,393 entrepreneurs  have  participated  in  various  online  entrepreneur  development programmes that were held in the centres across the country.

The  Internet  Centre  also  acts  as  an  ICT  training  centre  for  the  youths  and senior  citizens  to  empower  them  with  basic  computer  skills,  as  well  as exposing  them  to  expansive  information.

Other  services  such  as  egovernment  apps  are  also  provided  to  enable  rural communities  to  access government services online.


(From left) Negeri Sembilan State Exco Teo Kok Seong; Astro CEO Henry Tan; Digi CEO Albern Murty; Minister of Communications and Multimedia Gobind Singh Deo; MCMC chairman Al-Ishsal Ishak; Media Prima group MD Kamal Khalid; MDEC Talent and Digital Entrepreneurship VP Sumitra Nair; and Adun Labu Ismail Ahmad

A  new  digital  learning  hub  “JomStudi”,  which  is  a  joint  initiative  by  Digi,  Astro, and  Media  Prima  was  recently  launched  in  Pusat  Internet  Kampung  Kering, Labu  on  March 8, 2019. 

JomStudi  is  a  digital  learning  hub  that  aggregates educational  content  in  a  single  platform,  enabling  school  students  to  access and  explore  digital  content. 

Meanwhile,  “eKelas”  which  is  a  programme  that was  initiated  by  Maxis  in  2017,  exposes  students  to  digital  learning  and currently  it  has  9,000  registered  students  all  over  Malaysia.  This  programme focuses  on  the  three  critical  subjects  namely  Science,  Mathematics  and English for Form 1, 2 and 3.

In  an  effort  to  nurture  skills  such  as  coding  and  robotics  to  cater  to  the  needs of  the  Fourth  Industrial  Revolution  (IR  4.0),  MCMC  plans  to  intensify programmes  such  as  “myMaker”,  which  is  an  initiative  that  is  meant  to increase  public  awareness  on  subjects  relating  to  Science,  Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), utilising Internet of Things (IoT).


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