Gobind Singh Deo

YTL to develop one of world’s most advanced supercomputers, powered by Nvidia 
YTL Power International introduces YTL AI Cloud, offering massive-scale GPU-based computing and managing one of the world’s most advanced supercomputers.
CelcomDigi MY5G CEO Series 2024: 5G, AI and cloud open possibilities for Malaysian enterprises
Aims to host two additional sessions this year  Session explored 5G insights, offering M’sian firms innovation and growth paths
DE-CIX Malaysia, Digital Penang revolutionise digital connectivity: Penang IX launches as the new hub for Internet Data Exchange
DE-CIX Malaysia, Digital Penang have launched the Penang IX powered by DE-CIX, an initiative aimed to reshape the digital landscape of the region.
MyIX welcomes appointment of Gobind Singh Deo and Ugak Anak Kumbong
MyIX welcomes the appointment of Gobind Singh Deo and Ugak Anak Kumbong as Malaysia’s new Digital minister and deputy minister, respectively.
Extra 300k MyFreeview decoders for B40 households and those with disabilities
Targeted group to enjoy subscription free monthly Digital TV services Decoders intended to reach more, affording access to quality content
Malaysia to champion 5G in Southeast Asia
40,000 new jobs to be created over next 5 years due to 5G implementation 5GDP made possible with cooperation of state govts, local authority and service providers  
At 5G big bash, Mahathir hammers home economic message
5G is no pie in the sky. It is a key foundation for Malaysia's economic strength, providing a set of tools for businesses and consumers to use to elevate their capabilities.
Eye on the ball, MCMC swings for the fences with 5G
If MCMC and the government do not prepare the country for good, high quality, widely available and reliable networks, then the impact on the national economy can be grave.
National Digital ID Study underway as Malaysia seeks safe, secure online ID
Goal to improve convenience, promote inclusivity, reduce cost of access to services Co-chaired by Sec Gen of Communications & Multimedia Ministry & MCMC Chairman  
Malaysian govt sees 5G as key economic enabler, looking past any spectrum lobbying
NFCP Protem Committee agrees to share infra in more ways, including active spectrum sharing Communications Ministry, MCMC guided by what’s best for consumers, businesses, country
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