Australia’s Yellowfin launches ‘Signal’ and ‘Stories’ features

  • Enables users with data automation and explanations in narrative form
  • Has seen 50% growth in customer adoption of data analytics in Indonesia


Australia’s Yellowfin launches ‘Signal’ and ‘Stories’ features


AUSTRALIA-based business intelligence and analytics software vendor Yellowfin launches Yellowfin ‘Signals’ and ‘Stories’ features on their Yellowfin 8.0 platform.

Yellowfin Signals automatically discovers and immediately surfaces critical changes in business data, such as sudden spikes and changes in trends.

It also alerts business users immediately as these changes occur, and will be all achieved without logging into a dashboard or performing manual data discovery.

Signals runs on a continuous basis, where it routinely analyses available data looking for trends, patterns, or other changes. When it finds something, it analyses other data sources to find correlated information, then sends an alert highlighting the pattern so all recipients can determine if the data is actionable. As a result, analysis fatigue and human bias, prevalent in traditional dashboard tools, are removed.

Yellowfin BI chief executive officer Glen Rabie says, “For business people, it is important for them to be able to figure out the problems and take immediate action on it. Our newest feature automatically finds what dashboards miss, so users know what is going on in their business as it happens.”

Yellowfin Stories takes data that are available in Signals or other vendors and presents it in a narrative form to make it easier for business users to understand.

The feature combines reasoning or aspects from every data collected, and analyses it with an interactive table which gives support insights for decision-making.

“When explanations through email only consist of tables’ screenshots, it is static,” says Yellowfin consultant and trainer Steve Remington.

He adds that using these new products as analytics tools increases productivity by 20%.

Yellowfin Signals and Stories are standalone components of its suite of analytics products. It provides an enterprise analytics software suite that offers industry-automated analysis, storytelling, and collaboration. The suite can be purchased as a single integrated solution, or each component can be purchased separately, giving customers the flexibility to buy only what they need.

The enhanced Yellowfin suite includes, Yellowfin Signals, Yellowfin Stories, Yellowfin Dashboards, Yellowfin Data Discovery, and Yellowfin Data Prep.

Growth in Indonesia

After signing a distribution agreement with Big Change Agency (BCA) in Indonesia last year, Absolut Data Indonesia (sister company of BCA) managing director Christopher Tobing (pic) has seen 50% growth in terms of customer adoption and three times growth in enquiries from 2017 to 2018 with seven to eight resellers.

“From last year until today, we are heavily educating the market, so we expect the growth to reach 100% next year after the market is fully educated on implementing data analytics.”

He also said that the company picks only a few resellers with expertise in the industry.

“Yellowfin’s suite is compatible with all sizes of companies be it small, medium, or enterprise scale in any industry.

“We are now focusing on adding a greater range of industries to show the product’s capability to create a significant impact especially in utilising data such as in agriculture.”

The company is now serving customers from manufacturing, transportation, logistics, retail, and state-owned enterprises.

He says that companies need to realise and differentiate between software designated for IT department only, those for business users.

“We want to show that our solutions will enable business departments to make decisions before waiting for an analysis from the IT department.”


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