Activities kick off as Cradle's MYStartup becomes Patron of Endeavor Malaysia for 2024

  • Endeavor Malaysia aspires to strengthen impact on startup ecosystem
  • MYStartup entrepreneurs gain access to opportunities designed to fuel growth

(seated from left): Jeshua Chong (MYStartup/Cradle entrepreneur from Carching), Wong Khang Wei (MYStartup/Cradle entrepreneur from Fullhive), Henry Goh (Endeavor Mentor & CEO of MACROKIOSK), Earnest Wong (MYStartup/Cradle entrepreneur from Blue Duck Tech) & Isa Afridi, intern from Endeavor Malaysia, acting as moderator of the intimate group mentoring session who were present at the group mentoring session held over an iftar event. Top: Endeavor & MYStartup execs.

Activities have begun in the Endeavor Malaysia-MYStartup partnership with the Cradle powered platform, that was launched as the Single Window into Malaysia's startup ecosystem during the April 22-23 KL20, announced as Endeavor Malaysia's Patron for 2024, with the partnership aimed at propelling the startup ecosystem in Malaysia.

As Patron, MYStartup will play a vital role in supporting Endeavor Malaysia's mission to drive economic growth by identifying, mentoring, and accelerating High-Impact entrepreneurs. With MYStartup's extensive network, resources, and expertise, Endeavor Malaysia aspires to further multiply and strengthen its impact on Malaysia’s startup ecosystem.

The collaboration between the parties kicked off since March with various mentoring sessions (pic above) ongoing. Meanwhile, a key pillar of the partnership will be the launch of Endeavor's Scaleup Program Cohort 5 in July, an initiative designed to accelerate the growth of high-potential startups in Malaysia. Selected entrepreneurs are availed the opportunity to access local mentorship, networking, and resources to scale their ventures to new heights. Cohort 5 will see the support of a large digital company and one of the five digital banks in Malaysia.

"A patron is more than just a supporter; they are instrumental in driving our mission forward by providing strategic guidance, invaluable networking opportunities, and access to wider resources,” said Adlin Yusman, Managing Director at Endeavor Malaysia.

Highlighting that Endeavor Malaysia is actively supporting 95 companies that collectively have been generating billions in revenues and creating 20,000+ jobs since the selection of those companies into the Endeavor network. “With MYStartup on board, we are confident that we will continue to drive positive change and unlock new opportunities for Malaysia’s High-Impact entrepreneurs," added Adlin.

MYStartup's involvement as Patron underscores its dedication to building an inclusive and sustainable startup ecosystem in Malaysia. Through this partnership, MYStartup will collaborate closely with Endeavor Malaysia to provide mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities to High-Impact entrepreneurs.

“As a focal point agency for startups, Cradle offers comprehensive support, including grants, capacity building programmes, market access, investor matching, and more. Through our collaboration with Endeavor Malaysia, we strive to motivate startups to scale their businesses, learn from global experts and drive Malaysia's growth forward. With the ambition to elevate Malaysia into a top 20 global startup ecosystem by 2030, Cradle collaborates with various partners to foster a vibrant startup environment, targeting 5,000 startups by 2025. As this year’s Patron for Endeavor Malaysia, we eagerly anticipate collaborating with them to empower the next generation of Malaysian startups," said Norman Vanhaecke, Group CEO of Cradle.

Through this collaboration, MYStartup entrepreneurs will gain access to a myriad of opportunities designed to fuel their growth and success. These includes curated group mentoring sessions, exclusive access to Endeavor's signature events, industry tours at Endeavor Entrepreneurs' HQs around the world, networking opportunities with Endeavor Mentors, invitations to Founders' roundtable sessions, and attendance at the prestigious annual year-end gathering, the Endeavor Malaysia Awards.


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