MYStartup selects 26 startups for their pre-accelerator cohort 3

  • From 4 main sectors: green tech, smart living, hospitality, digitalization
  • Offers access to a mentor network, innovation hubs, and market exposure

The selected startups with Cradle and Growth Charger execs.

MYStartup, in partnership with Malaysian based startup accelerator, Growth Charger, has selected 26 high potential startups, from 136 applicants across Malaysia, for the MYStartup Pre-Accelerator Cohort 3 Programme. The startups will undergo a four-month tailored programme that aims to accelerate them towards achieving product-market fit and contribute to the overall growth of the Malaysian startup ecosystem.

The startups cover four main sectors: green technology, smart living, hospitality, and digitalization, including data solutions, industrial IoT, and robotics. The selection process comes at the heels of the previous cohort MYStartup programme, which saw similar high-potential companies such as Materials In Works, Sayur Kita School, Luwjistik, Axcyn, Certiify, and more, gaining a leg up through MYStartup.

With the economic success of the country dependent on the success of its entrepreneurs, there is an urgent need to promote an inclusive, high-performing, and sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem, especially among the Small & Medium enterprises which account for almost 98.5% of business entities in the country, accounting for 66% of the workforce said Norman Matthieu Vanhaecke, Group CEO of Cradle.

“We are thrilled to witness Malaysian technology startups benefit from this programme and anticipate remarkable growth ahead of them. Malaysia is rapidly emerging as a key player in Southeast Asia’s technology and innovation sector, aligning well with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation’s aspiration for the country to be among the top 20 global startup ecosystems by 2030.”

[Ed note: The aspiration to be in the top 20 startup ecosystems is based on the annual rankings of cities, not countries, by the US based Startup Genome and Global Entrepreneurship Network with the ranking known as Global Startup Ecosystem Report or GSER. There is a Top 30 rankings and a new category introduced in 2020 called Top 100 Emerging Ecosystems. It is here that Kuala Lumpur ranked 11th. The 2023 GSER though showed KL dropping to the 21 to 30 range in the rankings even though there was an attempt to strengthen KL’s performance in partnership with Startup Genome.]

Designed for dedicated startups aiming to validate their concepts, the Pre-Accelerator offers a comprehensive package. This includes access to a mentor network, innovation hubs, and market exposure. The programme encompasses strategic learning modules, on-demand resources, hands-on mentoring, collaborative spaces, networking events, and strategic connections within the ecosystem. The goal is to assist startups in developing viable business models and unlocking growth opportunities.

“Throughout these four-months programme, it’s all about Product-market fit. We are eager to witness remarkable achievements from the 26 startups spanning various sectors such as SaaS, E-commerce & Marketplace, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and more. Speak to your customers, refine your product and think about scale; We anticipate future accomplishments in the coming months under Growth Charge,” said Iskandar Shafi'i, the Director of Growth Charger.

"At Rabt, our goal is to create a premier Islamic storytelling and knowledge-sharing platform, providing a top-tier user experience and connecting users with esteemed voices in the Islamic world. This programme is a unique opportunity for us to accelerate growth, secure investment, and expand our reach across Southeast Asia, beginning with Malaysia. Through the Pre- accelerator programme, we aim to secure investments and achieve 30,000 monthly active users," said Hasam Khan, CEO of Rabt, one of the shortlisted companies in MYStartup’s Pre- Accelerator Programme.

Aligned with the Malaysian Startup Ecosystem Roadmap (SUPER) 2021-2030, the MYStartup Pre-Accelerator programme aims to accelerate the Malaysian ecosystem in producing more innovative and quality startups.

The list of 26 shortlisted companies include:

  1. Agrofly- Producing biofertiliser through insect frass degradation.
  2. AIMS- Artificial intelligent marketing system.
  3. AidEye- Your AI companion in navigating digital services for everyday tasks.
  4. Beseek- Introducing the future of work in the GenAI era by maximising productivity through identifying valuable information in cluttered documents.
  5. Bettercopy- Unleashing your revenue growth through AI.
  6. BOSSREC- A booking platform system for recreation.
  7. Compere- A marketplace platform that facilitates seamless connections between event organizers and vendors.
  8. Deepsight- A learning tool to help medical professionals to enhance and sharpen their ability to analyse and interpret ECG faster.
  9. Eatsyfarm- Providing access to authentically healthy farmed food and homemade daily essentials.
  10. FinDoc- AI-Driven online financial screening platform that helps people find the best financial products and services from various banks without having to visit them one by one
  11. FitDoc- A telemedicine company that specializes in online consultations, addressing critical health concerns such as obesity, family planning, sexual health, and HIV prevention.
  12. Good Stuff Alliance- A digital platform that helps business operators to sell nearly expired products at a discounted price to consumers who want to save money.
  13. Komers- A one-click checkout process that helps simplify the buying process and after- sale process to convert more shoppers into buyers.
  14. Komplen- A platform where users can complain to various authorities, all in one place.
  15. Mywheels- A platform for everything and anything to do with wheels.
  16. Pajak-i- An all at one go online platform for the micro-financing industry.
  17. Pixalink- A cloud-based customer acquisition and engagement system for SMEs to automate the interaction with your customers.
  18. Practistica- A one stop solution for lecturers/teachers to an online question marketplace, classroom grading software & students’ analytics software
  19. Propmoth- A platform that provides the smartest way to find property.
  20. Pycehub- A web platform that connects owners & clients to maximize revenue for owners and streamline booking for clients.
  21. Rabt- Reshaping the Islamic narrative through creating the Spotify of Islam
  22. Scancer AI- Revolutionising lung cancer detection with AI, making early detection accessible to all.
  23. Staywokeproperty- A one-stop rental management solution, where all ends meet for effortless rental transactions.
  24. Volunti Connect- A CSR management platform powered by AI that revolutionises CSR programs and funds.
  25. WebX- Creating simple and affordable websites in 3 days with AI.
  26. Wellness 96 Empire- AI powered digital one-stop digital wellness platform offering curated, certified coaches, personalized plans & community engagement.

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