‘unifi Your World’ makes home internet convergence simpler, more accessible

  • New bundles & packages marry fibre with home network enhancers
  • Mesh Wi-Fi available at US$8.45 per month, tied to 24-month contract

(L to R): Unifi executives, Mohd Nazeem Nasir, Head of Product Design, Lai Shu Wei, head of marketing and Armizy Abdullah Shukri, consumer segment head.

The typical home internet setup will see a single router in a central location, the living room being most likely. This is usually shared around the house via Wi-Fi (or with hassling, eye-sore Ethernet cables if you’re old school), connecting a myriad of devices that range from the TV box to the laptops.

But what’s typical may not be ideal. For one, Wi-Fi signals can get affected by physical obstacles – walls, doors and ceilings being prime offenders. At the same time, larger households might require more than one TV box, if peace needs to be maintained around clashing air times.

Good, simple solutions are available, albeit not always accessible. For instance, mesh networking might solve weak Wi-Fi signals in larger households, but they’re not exactly cheap. But what if your internet service provider can give you those solutions through more accessible means?

This is the basis of unifi’s new offering. Themed as “unifi Your World”, the internet service provider is now offering customers the option to enhance their home internet experience through bundles and add-ons. With this, unifi customers can select home broadband packages and combine it with the unifi Mobile unlimited 4G LTE mobile plan, or with add-on devices such as Mesh Wi-Fi.

“For the first time, we are offering Malaysians a package that can be tailored to meet their internet, mobile, and TV content needs,” says unifi head of marketing Lai Shu Wei.

“At unifi, we understand that consumers always face tough decisions in choosing which services that can deliver them the best value. We are making this process easier by combining everything into an attractive, customisable package that returns even greater value,” he says.

 “With more than 1.86 million homes already connected to our broadband network, we are stepping-up our efforts to connect even more homes with unifi broadband connectivity. With this offer, family members can now get the best connectivity experience by having a mesh Wi-Fi in every room, watch unifi TV’s endless entertainment content on any screen, and continue this seamless experience when they head out with unifi Mobile’s unlimited mobile access,” adds unifi consumer segment head, Armizy Abdullah Shukri.

Customers can subscribe into the new packages that bundle unifi’s internet service with these products and services. For instance, the new 800Mbps package will provide customers with unlimited fibre internet at 800Mbps download speeds along with a unifi Mobile subscription with unlimited data, calls and SMS.

The package also comes with free mesh Wi-Fi router, access to unifi’s Ultimate Pack of 70+ TV channels via the unifi Plus TV box, and complimentary Viu and YuppFlix subscription for 6 months. This is priced at US$91 (RM378) per month, which Unifi notes allows customers to save RM1,560 annually.

[RM1 = US$0.24]

These packages are available in a variety of different speeds and bundles ranging from 30Mbps to the aforementioned 800Mbps. Only the 800Mbps and 500Mbps plans get the free mesh Wi-Fi, though.

(It’s worth pointing out that these bundle packages come with a 24-month contract. There will also be a slight price increase to each monthly fee after the 24 months are up).

Existing unifi customers can opt to upgrade their plans with these bundles. The mesh Wi-Fi can also be obtained for RM15 per month (for the Deco M4 mesh Wi-Fi system) or RM35 per month (for the higher-end Deco M9 system) via a 24-month contract. It’s a more affordable way to have a mesh network in the house, considering that Deco M9 prices at RM999.

The converged offering has been available since August 2020. Interested customers can customise their own packages by visiting the nearest TMpoint. For a full list of Unifi Your World solutions, visit https://unifi.com.my/unifiyourworld.


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