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MTN at OTF in Bangkok: Accelerating digital transformation with Autonomous Networks

  • Ambition 2025 to drive industry leading ops to benefit users in Africa
  • Successfully achieved three goals in its digital transformation journey

MTN has successfully achieved three goals in its digital transformation journey.

On October 26, 2022, during the 7th Operation Transformation Forum (OTF) in Bangkok, Mohamad Kiwan, GM Operations and PMO, of MTN Group, a South African based telco with operations in 19 countries and 285 million subscribers across Africa and the Middle East delivered a key speech regarding MTN's autonomous network strategy and digital operation transformation insights and practices.

MTN at OTF in Bangkok: Accelerating digital transformation with Autonomous NetworksMohamad Kiwan (pic) explained that MTN's business strategy, Ambition 2025, aims to drive industry-leading connectivity operation, create the largest and most valuable platform to benefit users, and lead digital innovations in Africa.

He introduced the 3A (Adopt-Adapt-Apply) approach used by MTN to achieve its target of becoming a digital telco:

  1. Key industry concepts and practices of Autonomous Network architecture, autonomous network level (ANL) evaluation methodology, and autonomous network use cases
  2. Standard practices to implement mid-term Level 3 architecture and long-term Level 4 architecture. This architecture is very important to MTN and is defined in MTN Autonomous Network Blueprint 1.0. The key highlights of the architecture include a unified cross-domain platform offering unified data services for upper-layer digital OSS applications, and autonomous domains that reduce technical complexity and conceal the variations of different network technologies/vendor implementations, thus supporting end-to-end business requirements of Autonomous Network services, and data exchange with the upper layer using intent-driven APIs.
  3. High-value business use cases by empowering network autonomy, thus improving service experience, time-to-market, and operational efficiency.

With the strategy set out in its 3A approach, Mohamad Kiwan shared that MTN has successfully achieved three goals in its digital transformation journey:

1) Enhanced customer satisfaction: Working with the Huawei SmartCare platform, MTN achieved the top spot among South African OpCos in the P3 mobile benchmark.

2) Higher operation efficiency: AI-oriented and automated O&M was used in the AUTIN system to improve troubleshooting and fault rectification efficiency.

3) Increased revenue: The CEM platform was used to accelerate 4G and 5G user development. A fintech solution was also integrated to enable cross-border payment services.

While a lot of progress has been made, Mohamad Kiwan concluded that MTN’s transformation journey, powered with the convenience of data, technology, and platform will need more joint efforts from MTN and its ecosystem partners.

[Ed note: You may listen to the presentation here but registration is required. Go to the 45min time stamp.]


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