iProperty.com.my aims to change the way Malaysians experience property

  • Speed up a search with Recent Searches and Similar Properties listing
  • LoanCare now provides a home loan eligibility report from up to 17 banks


iProperty.com.my aims to change the way Malaysians experience property


IPROPERTY.com.my on July 8 announced new features and updates to their website. The new updated features are aimed at changing the way Malaysians experience property buying and renting.

Users can now toggle between English and Bahasa Malaysia. Through the Bahasa Malaysia version of the website, users will have the same seamless experience as the existing English version, beginning on the homepage and continuing to the search results.

The Bahasa Malaysia version also allows users to play around with the features to refine their search; from setting up their search in a preferred state, the type of property they’re looking for, setting the maximum and minimum price, square foot of space as well as the number of bedrooms.

“We are very excited to launch our website in Bahasa Malaysia. This has been a long time coming. With iProperty.com.my now available in Bahasa Malaysia, the website will now be able to reach more than 69% of the local population.

“This comprises the Bumiputra populace, which is not only an important market for us, but also a segment that is eager for real estate knowledge and information. We can now help more Malaysians look for a place to call home by utilising our platform,” said iProperty.com Malaysia Sdn Bhd general manager David Mawer.

The Bahasa Malaysia version is also available for iProperty.com.my’s home loan eligibility indicator, LoanCare.

Introduced in April 2019, LoanCare will help Malaysians to increase their chances of getting a home loan and reduce their likelihood of being rejected.

With iProperty.com.my’s fintech offering powered by Finology Sdn Bhd, Malaysians can check their Debt Service Ratio and home loan eligibility.

LoanCare is also updated with two new features. Now, users can get their home loan eligibility report from up to 17 banks in Malaysia with monthly instalment amount and home loan tenure sent to their email.

In Malaysia, many potential home owners are unaware that different banks offer varying Debt Servicing Ratios (DSR) – how much of a person’s income is used to service debt instalments, represented as a percentage (%).

Unlike other home loan tools, LoanCare from iProperty.com.my does not require someone to disclose their Identity Card numbers.

“The concept of Debt Servicing Ratio (DSR) is new for many people. Often, they don’t understand that  banks use DSR in variable ways. It’s not one size fits all. The DSR shows how much of a person’s income is used to service debt instalments and is represented as a percentage. It is derived from two main components; Commitment and Income.

"The downside of not understanding this, is that when people enter the market, they get rejected by banks and are effectively prohibited from trying to get a home loan for three to six months.

Ultimately, we want to provide a convenient and hassle-free platform for Malaysians. We want to offer value, through personalised searches and home loan eligibility reports, all in one channel,” added Mawer.

Besides location, property type and price, liveability is another important factor for most property seekers. The customised Point-of-Interest is integrated to the maps of property, helping users make a better decision in terms of how conveniently situated a property is.

With a comprehensive range of  Malaysian property listings on iProperty.com.my, discovering the right property can be overwhelming. This is now made simpler and faster with Similar Properties listing.

A prospective property viewed will show Similar Properties by location, property type, built-up-size and listing price.

To make it more convenient, Recent Searches allow users to quickly get back to where they left off when they return to iProperty.com.my.

Updated on the property for sale listing pages, iProperty.com.my has included information for up to 10 previous property transactions from Brickz.my which includes property description, date sold, price sold and built-up size.

The historical data from Brickz.my is supplied by Jabatan Penilaian dan Perkhidmatan Harta (JPPH).

Investors will also find Capital Growth and Estimated Rental Yield information available.

Currently, iProperty.com.my has over two million users monthly and the company wants to continue to innovate and ensure seamless consumer experience.


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