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Future-proof your business with TIME’s 3Cs of digitalisation

  • TIME’s 3Cs solutions enables businesses to run more efficiently in long haul
  • Improves employee productivity by simplifying workflow, streamlining processes

Future-proof your business with TIME’s 3Cs of digitalisation

Digitalisation has proven to be almost essential for business success today. It occurs when a business starts to use digital technologies to change its business model and create new value-creating opportunities.

There are many reasons why companies are making this change, some may be moving ahead to gain speed and agility whilst others might be adopting it to save cost or provide new revenue.

In short, digitalising your organisation can give you a competitive advantage by doing things better, faster, and cheaper than your competition. 

Large enterprises would have started this journey a long way before, however, there are still many businesses in Malaysia that still work partly on stationery. An overwhelming 98% of business establishments in our country are made of different types of enterprises. 

Despite being the backbone of the country’s business environment, most of them are still less aware that through business digitalisation, they can enhance more sales and be more competitive in the market.

Some businesses are hesitant in digitalising their business decisions as they believe it would be expensive. Another common barrier is the resistance to change operationally and limited knowledge on digital innovation. Don’t worry, TIME is here to guide you!

Digital transformation when done right takes businesses to a new level of growth
Digitalising your business creates countless possibilities and with the right technology partner such as TIME, a homegrown telco brand with decades of industry experience, technical expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure, you will be able to uncover a:

  • One-stop integration, innovation and digitalisation capabilities
  • Outsourced IT personnel for the technical expertise
  • Cost effectiveness and operational efficiency 
  • Quality and security assurance from industry and global standards 

The 3Cs framework is what businesses need for their digital success

Future-proof your business with TIME’s 3Cs of digitalisation

Supported by cutting-edge technology and built on an extensive ecosystem, TIME’s 3Cs – Cloud, Connectivity and Cybersecurity solutions allow your digital business to run more efficiently and astutely in the long haul. 

Apart from assisting customers, TIME’s solutions also improves employee productivity by simplifying workflow and streamlining manned procedures, which is especially important in the hybrid working environment.

Cloud – Their cloud suite allows you to customise a hybrid or multi cloud strategy that’s the right fit for your business. They also give you assurance that your data in the cloud is safe as it’s hosted in their highly interconnected and resilient data centres across ASEAN. This is backed by their compliance with industry and global security standards such as ISMS, TVRA and DCRA.

Connectivity- Built on Southeast Asia’s 1st triple certified MEF 3.0 network and underpinning digital and cloud strategies, your business can lower network provisioning time to mere minutes when you optimise your local and global connections with their converged network.

Future-proof your business with TIME’s 3Cs of digitalisation

Cybersecurity - Ensure business continuity for your business and customers, regardless of industry or size through robust cybersecurity capabilities that’s instilled in their ecosystem.

Guiding a productive and rewarding business for today and tomorrow

TIME's ultimate goal is to become your trustworthy service provider by guiding your business every step of the way. With the right expertise, support and technologies, you will be able to change the face of your business.

Their extensive ecosystem consisting of agile solutions, products and services is built on a comprehensive infrastructure so businesses can just come to TIME for all sorts of integration, innovation and digitalisation capabilities.

Future-proof your business with TIME’s 3Cs of digitalisation



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