Supernewsroom: Helping startups get better media coverage
Founder and CEO Maminder Kaur elaborates on the company’s plans to assist startups.
Are journalists so special?
Media prices for products? Are journalists so special that we deserve such consideration, or is it a euphemism for a bribe? DNA founder and CEO Karamjit Singh ponders this and says enough is enough.
Job-hunting? Clean up your social media profile
Welcome to the new world, where your digital footprint is as important as that piece of paper you carry to job interviews saying you have earned a degree.
Media from Mars, PR from Venus; clients are from ...
Digital News Asia executive editor A. Asohan’s recent commentary on the relationship, and tensions, between the media and public relations practitioners, "PR folk are from Venus, the media is from Mars," brought up some interesting points but does not represent the whole picture.
Social media presents new challenges for marketing, PR
The Malaysian social media space had its latest viral meme last week after the administrator of the Facebook page for the country’s newest shopping mall had what appeared to be a meltdown and posted snarky and sarcastic comments aimed at an individual customer. In today’s world, whose responsibility is this, Marketing or PR?
PR folk are from Venus, the media is from Mars
There is a strange symbiotic-parasitic relationship between public relations (PR) people and the media: It is at times adversarial; at other times, co-operative or complementary; and sometimes, there is hardly any difference at all. But there is still a yawning chasm between the two.
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